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Could Congress Throw Open the Floodgates?
By Harold Hutchison

Rep. McMorris Rogers

Some leading lawmakers in the House and Senate are claiming that so-called “comprehensive immigration reform” legislation that includes amnesty for at least 11 million illegal immigrants, if not more, could be a done deal this summer.

According to media reports, Representative Cathy McMorris Rogers (R-WA) and Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) have made comments indicating that the legislation could move this summer. McMorris Rogers made her comments after meeting with the CEO of Microsoft. “I believe, hopefully June or July, we will have an immigration bill – it may not be exactly the Senate bill – on the floor of the House. They will pass it. We will come to an agreement. They will put that bill on the President's desk for President Obama to sign into law,” Schumer said at an immigration forum held by the New York Daily News.

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard “Buck” McKeon did announce opposition to using the upcoming defense authorization bill to add a proposed amnesty for illegal immigrants who enlist in the United States military. Some reports indicate that passage of amnesty legislation could put states like Arizona and

CPB agents patrolling the border.
(CBP.gov photo)

Texas into play for the Democrats. The National ICE Council, a union representing agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, has been highly critical of amnesty proposals. The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers has also strongly opposed amnesty.

The Obama Administration has also tried to tighten the rules of engagement for Border Patrol agents. These ROE changes came despite hundreds of assaults targeting agents carrying out their duties on the border.

To speak out about this push for amnesty, call you Representatives and Senators at (202)224-3121.