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America's MIA Families...from 83,000 of America's MIA Still Awaiting Word - You Can Help Tell the Story

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I am sending this again in hopes that you can help get the word out to find
funding for the very meaningful documentary film about JPAC unit and the
families of over 83,000 POW/MIA who are still awaiting some word on the
remains of their missing loved ones.

I would sincerely appreciate you forwarding this email to your own personal
Networks and getting out the word on your radio show...there are only 26
days remaining to raise funds needed to complete the documentary film by
Richard Jellerson entitled, "Collateral Damage - America's MIA Families"

Richard, a former Army CPT, served 2 tours in Vietnam as a Chopper pilot and
during the last one he served as General Abrams personal pilot. He
previously produced a History Channel Special on Nam Chopper Pilots and has
worked on other various documentaries.

He has been working on this very important documentary film, “Collateral
Damage - America's MIA Families” which will show the world what America does
to locate, identify and return the remains for proper burial of our missing
military members from around the world.

The “Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command - JPAC”, as you probably already know
is on call 24/7 to go anywhere in the world where remains have been
discovered and they perform all actions required to ID and properly return
the remains for burial with full military honors.

Their story needs to be told...and that is exactly what Richard’s film,
“Collateral Damage - America's MIA Families”, will do.

The film is on the “Kickstarter” website for “Crowd Funding”...he presently
has 26 days remaining to gather enough financial support to complete the
film. This project will mean so much for all the millions of Americans
awaiting some word on their missing military members and help allow them to
receive America's support in finding and returning their loved ones.

As you probably know, if the full amount is not reached in the allotted
time...the money will not be collected and the project funding will have to
go another route. They will not keep any of the money that was donated, it
will be returned to the donor. There is little time left and a lot to be
located...hope you might be able to get this to people who believe in
helping the families of America's over 83,000 military MIS's.

Thank you in advance for taking a look at his presentation on Kickstarter by
clicking on the link below:

Bill Fortier, Colonel, Retired, USAR