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Resolution Approved by Foreign Relations Committee Goes Further than Promised
By Harold Hutchison

The resolution authorizing the use of force in Syria that was passed Senate Foreign Relations Committee could allow for “boots on the ground” – putting American ground troops in the middle of the bloody civil war.

War on Syria Means Victory for Al Qaeda

President Obama's proposed military strike means, practically speaking, that the U.S. will intervene on behalf of al Qaeda in Syria. Why is this dangerous proposal being taken seriously by Congress?

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Denies Ever Setting Red Line, But Video Reveals Truth
By Harold Hutchison

Is Barack Obama a pathological liar, is he stupid, or does he just think the American people are stupid? That question comes to the forefront as Obama denied setting a “red line” with regards to Syria during a press conference in Sweden, while en route to the G-20 summit in Russia.

See his comments denying the red line here:


Majority Leader Cantor to also Support Attack
By Harold Hutchison

House Speaker John Boehner has come out in support of a strike on the regime of Syrian dictator Bashir Assad in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons. The announcement comes as the Senate Foreign Relations Committee announced it would hold hearings on a resolution authorizing the use of force.


Obama’s Bungling Has Ensured A Bad Outcome
By Harold Hutchison

Whether you agree with intervening in the bloody Syrian civil war or not, the United States is now practically guaranteed to see a bad outcome for itself. The blame for this lies at the feet of Barack Obama, who has managed though a combination of indecisiveness and bluster to have created a foreign policy disaster for the country.

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Text of US Assessment of Syrian Chemical Weapons Use

U.S. Government Assessment of the Syrian Government’s weapons attack on August 21, 2013

Statement on Syria by John F. Kerry

President Obama has spent many days now consulting with Congress and talking with leaders around the world about the situation in Syria. And last night, the President asked all of us on his national security team to consult with the leaders of Congress as well, including the leadership of the Congressional national security committees. And he asked us to consult about what we know regarding the horrific chemical weapons attack in the Damascus suburbs last week.

White House Medal of Honor Ceremony

Video by Office of the Chief of Public Affairs


Second Medal Awarded for Battle of COP Keating
By Harold Hutchison

Staff Sergeant Ty Carter received the Medal of Honor for heroism during the battle of COP Keating. Carter is the second living Medal of Honor recipient from that battle, the first time in 50 years that two American military personnel have lived to receive the Medal of Honor in the same engagement.

Kentucky Marine Awarded Silver Star for Leading Marines Through Heavy Combat

The commanding general of 1st Marine Division awarded Sgt. Matthew T. Woodall the Silver Star Medal at Camp San Mateo here Aug. 2 for his actions while deployed to Helmand province, Afghanistan, during 2011. Woodall, a native of Paducah, Ky., displayed conspicuous gallantry while conducting combat operations in Helmand's Sangin district during a firefight, July 10 through 11, 2011.

'No atheists in foxholes': Chaplains gave all in World War II.

Many have heard the familiar phrase, "There is no such thing as an atheist in a fox hole." Where did this come from?

Research I verified in an interview with former World War II prisoner of war Roy Bodine (my friend) indicates the phrase has been credited to Father William Cummings.

As the story goes, Father Cummings was a civilian missionary Catholic priest in the Philippines.

The phrase was coined during the Japanese attack at Corregidor.


Four Al-Qaeda Killed
By Harold Hutchison

An American UAV strike in Yemen is believed to have killed four members of al-Qaeda. The strike comes as the United States has evacuated its embassy in Sana’a, the county’s capital, as embassies in another 18 countries remained closed.

More details about the threat emerged, including the fact that intercepts of electronic communication between al-Qaeda’s leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and Nasser al-Wuhayshi, who heads al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Zawahiri reportedly ordered Wuhayshi to carry out an attack.


First Award of DFC to V-22 Pilots
By Harold Hutchison

The pilot and co-pilot of a V-22 Osprey have been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism during a 27 June, 2012 operation in Helmand province. These are the first such awards to any pilot of the tilt-rotor aircraft, which has been serving in Afghanistan since 2009.


Companies with Al-Qaeda, Taliban Ties Got Contracts
By Harold Hutchison

The Army has ignored warnings that as many as 43 companies or individuals with ties to al-Qaeda or the Taliban have received contracts in Afghanistan. The Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction has flagged them for “providing material support to the insurgency in Afghanistan.”