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America at War

Iraqi Air Force conducts first solo Hellfire missile launch

An all-Iraqi Air Force crew successfully fired an AGM-114 Hellfire missile from an AC-208 Cessna Caravan over the Aziziyah Training Range, south of Baghdad March 23.

The Iraqi airmen destroyed the target with a single shot in their first-successful solo launch of a Hellfire missile.

The Iraqi Air Force crew from Squadron 3, Kirkuk Air Base, hit a specific ground target with guidance and direction from Iraqi Special Operations Forces forward air controllers on the range.

Ships Were in Position for Odyssey Dawn, CNO Says

While Operation Odyssey Dawn brewed up quickly, the U.S. Navy already was positioned for operations over Libya, the chief of naval operations (CNO) said March 23.

CNO Adm. Gary Roughead told the Defense Writers Group that having Navy ships and submarines in the Mediterranean Sea enabled a quick response to the order that began Operation Odyssey Dawn.

"The need, for example in the opening rounds, for the Tomahawk strikes, the shooters were already in place," Roughead said. "They were already loaded, and that went off as we expected it would."

Flight Opeartions from Kearsarge at Night

Videos by Navy Visual News Service

ISAF Joint Command operational update

Afghan and coalition security forces captured several Haqqani Network facilitators operating in Terayzai district, Khost province today.

The facilitators were responsible for facilitating weapons and improvised explosives devices targeting Afghan and coalition security forces. They were also responsible for coordinating attacks with senior Haqqani leaders.

The combined security force followed intelligence reports to different locations in the Sabari district to search for the facilitators.

Medevac initiatives save lives in Afghanistan

New ambulances designed to negotiate Afghanistan's rough, narrow roads, kits that quickly convert standard combat vehicles for casualty evacuation, and state-of-the-art field medical packages are improving battlefield medicine and saving lives, an official involved in developing and fielding the new equipment reported.

MTT soldiers bring training tailored to IA unit’s mission

Shots from multiple AK-47's snapped in the dirt, echoing amidst the Field Engineer Regiment compound, as Iraqi jinood, assigned to the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Battalion, 4th Iraqi Army Division, conducted weapon familiarization and qualification training, March 19.

Marines rescue downed pilot after fighter jet crashes in Libya

Marines from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit rescued a U.S. Air Force pilot downed in Libya March 22.

The F-15E Strike Eagle crashed in northeast Libya March 21 while flying in support of Operation Odyssey Dawn, the joint coalition enforcing U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 to protect the Libyan people from the country’s ruler.

Using two AV/8B Harriers, two MV-22 Ospreys and two CH-53E Super Stallions carrying a quick reaction force, the Camp Lejeune, N.C., based Marines conducted a Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel mission to recover the pilot.

NATO Allied Spanish Air Force F-18's Take Off From Naval Air Station Sigonella

Video by Combat Camera Detachment USEUCOM

Combat Footage

Video by 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne)