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Maysan Province Iraqi Police conduct riot-control training

Over 50 members of the Iraqi Police (IP) Emergency Response Unit in Maysan Province are now better prepared to react to riots and organized protests after receiving riot-control training by the "Warhorse" troopers of 3rd Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division.

The Riot-Control Training Course is focused toward enhancing the Iraq Police and Emergency Response Unit basics of civil disorder management as it pertains to frontline personnel.

Aviation B-roll

Video by 4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Air Assault Division

ISAF Joint Command morning operational update

Afghan and coalition forces killed more than 10 Taliban insurgents and detained numerous others during a clearing of a Taliban safe haven in Ghormach district, Faryab province, April 11 and yesterday.

The operation was a deliberate clearance of a suspected Taliban safe haven in Tez Nawa village, which is associated with improvised explosive device activity and is a cache location. This area has historically been associated with the senior Taliban leader and Head of the Taliban Shura council for Ghormach.

Gen. Petraeus awards Silver Stars to TF No Slack Soldiers

As the sun shone brightly, U.S. Army Gen. David H. Petraeus awarded two Silver Star Medals to Task Force No Slack soldiers at Forward Operating Base Joyce in eastern Afghanistan’s Kunar province, April 11.

'Promethium Puma' uncovers weapons caches in Galuch Valley

Capt. Jason Merchant, the Company A commander with Task Force Ironman, had said it many times before.

"Afghanistan is a hiding place," Merchant repeated as he trekked up a steep path in the village of Hind Dor, Afghanistan, March 31. He was referring to the unlimited availability of hiding places for weapons and contraband in the rugged terrain features that make up the country. That would soon become apparent.

EOD Airmen in Iraq prepare for an explosive battle in Afghanistan

For most Airmen, creativity is highly encouraged. However, for explosive ordnance disposal technicians, thinking outside the box and the ability to forecast the enemy's next move are absolute requirements.

"We are fighting against guys who don't have set tactics; they are ever evolving," said Staff Sgt. Glenn Henthorn, the 407th EOD team chief. "So, we need to be ever evolving because the battlefield is constantly changing."

Airdrop from C130

Video by U.S. Air Forces Central Public Affairs

ISAF Joint Command morning operational update

A combined Afghan and coalition force killed an armed individual while targeting a Taliban facilitator during a security operation in Chak-e Wardak district, Wardak province, yesterday.

The facilitator is responsible for distributing weapons and ammunition to Taliban members for attacks against Afghan and coalition forces. He maintains coordination with other senior Taliban leaders.

Afghan Commandos, USSOF continue efforts in Helmand

The 7th Commando Kandak, advised and assisted by U.S. Special Operations Forces, conducted a cordon and search operation in the village of Shurakay on April 11.

Two rocket propelled grenade rounds were uncovered during the Afghan-led mission, as well as a possible narcotics processing or storage facility. Further testing is being conducted to confirm whether or not trace elements found within the location are in fact linked to narcotics trafficking.