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Kajaki Patrol

Video by Regional Command Southwest

ISAF Joint Command morning operational update

A combined Afghan and coalition security force captured a Haqqani network leader and killed two Haqqani insurgents during a security operation in Nadir Shah Kot district, Khost province, yesterday.

The leader coordinated attacks and was responsible for supplying insurgents with ammunition, small arms and rockets.

Vehicle MX Airmen keep the mission rolling

Fewer groups have as much impact on the mission at Al Asad Air Base, Iraq, as sweaty, greasy mechanics assigned to the 532nd Expeditionary Operation Support Squadron Vehicle Maintenance Element, who fix the cargo loaders, forklifts and tactical vehicles used by others to support base security and flight line operations.

When some people think of the Air Force, they imagine pilots and planes. They picture a fighter jet screaming over head dropping bombs on the bad guy. They have visions of a cargo plane delivering supplies during humanitarian relief efforts.

Afghan Commandos, USSOF seize insurgent weapons inventory

The 7th Commando Kandak, advised and assisted by U. S. Special Operations Forces, discovered 60 improvised explosive devices in Nahr-E Saraj District, during partnered operations, which ran from April 18-22.

The Afghan led force discovered two weapons caches in the village of Qaleh Ye Gaz containing 60 completed pressure plate improvised explosive devices, twelve 60 millimeter mortar rounds, six AK-47 assault rifles, three 40 millimeter rounds, two 40 gallon jugs of homemade explosives, and two British rifles with ammunition.

NATO Mission Mentors Afghan Police

In a country of 30 million people, a national law enforcement presence is crucial to maintaining and sustaining a democratic society. Army Maj. Gen. Stuart Beare, deputy commander for police with NATO Training Mission Afghanistan, is working closely with a team of advisors and the Afghan interior ministry to give Afghanistan that capability.

Beare discussed the police training mission during a “DOD Live” bloggers roundtable yesterday.

A Day in the Life of the B-52

Video by 1st Combat Camera Squadron

Gates: Obama OKs Predator strikes in Libya

President Barack Obama has approved the use of U.S. armed predator strikes in Libya, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said April 22.

"The president has said that where we have some unique capabilities, he is willing to use those," Secretary Gates said. "In fact, he has approved the use of armed Predators (in Libya)."

Armed Predators have been used in Libya "purely as (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems) until today," said Marine Gen. James E. Cartwright, the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs said.

ISAF Joint Command morning operational update

A combined Afghan and coalition force conducted a clearing operation targeting a Taliban safe haven in Murghab District, Badghis province, yesterday.

The combined security force conducted the operation to disrupt an insurgent safe haven known for facilitation activities and cache sites.

Operation Rawhide II disrupts insurgent communication, supply lines

Southern Helmand province used to be a safe haven and stronghold for the insurgency in Afghanistan where the enemy could establish lines of communication and traffic drugs and weapons.

However, the insurgency has been disrupted and forced to find new lines of communication due to Operation Rawhide II. The 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion conducted a series of raids, successfully deterring the enemy and breaking its ability to communicate with insurgents in the north, said Capt. Christopher L. Buck, commanding officer for E Company, 3rd LAR, and native of Perry, Mich.