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America at War

Despite threats Taliban spring offensive fails to launch

Despite their propaganda, the Taliban have not launched a spring offensive in eastern Afghanistan, the commander of International Security Assistance Force's Regional Command East said today.

Maj. Gen. John F. Campbell, who also commands the Army's 101st Airborne Division, spoke with Pentagon reporters via video teleconference from Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, as he prepares to turn over command of the region to Maj. Gen. Dan Allyn, commander of the 1st Cavalry Division, next week.

ISAF mission at full speed following death of Al Qaeda leader

In the wake of Osama bin Laden’s death, the International Security Assistance Force nations remain steadfast in their support of the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and its people.

“NATO and ISAF nations are committed to maintaining a long-standing, enduring partnership with Afghanistan and the Afghan people,” said Canadian Brig. Gen. Christine Whitecross, an ISAF spokesperson. “We will continue to support capacity and capability development of the Afghan national security forces and transition through 2014.”

'Dragon Battalion' trains Iraqi soldiers on squad-level tactics

Soldiers of "Dragon Battalion" recently trained a group of soldiers with the 6th Iraqi Army Division on small-unit tactics, placing an emphasis on room-clearing procedures, at Joint Security Station Constitution, Iraq.

The training began with classroom work, which helped the Soldiers with B Company, 1st "Dragon" Battalion, 63rd Armor Regiment understand the prior experience their students had with clearing rooms as a team.

ISAF Joint Command morning operational update

A combined Afghan and coalition security force killed several Taliban insurgents while searching for a Taliban leader in Qush Tepah district, Jowzjan province yesterday.

The leader is the senior district chief, governing Taliban operations in Qush Tepah district, Jowzjan province. He is responsible for coordinating attacks against Afghan and coalition forces. He directs IED emplacements and procures funding for his subordinates in Qush Tapah and Darzab districts.

Afghans lead poppy eradication operations

Under the direction of Zabul Provincial Gov. Ashraf Naseri, over 90 Afghan National Security Force, or ANSF, members conducted the first poppy eradication event this year in Zabul province, Afghanistan, May 4. 2011.

About four jerebs, or two acres, were destroyed in Zafarkhil village, Qalat District, in less than an hour.

The Afghan forces used four all terrain vehicles and large sticks to cut down three poppy fields in the village.

Afghan, coalition forces detain suspected insurgents, destroy weapons

A combined Afghan and coalition security force detained several suspected insurgents and destroyed a weapons cache while searching for a Taliban leader during a security operation in Talah wa Barfak district, Baghlan province, Saturday.

The Taliban leader facilitates the delivery of weapons to insurgent fighters. He trained groups of fighters for attacks against the Afghan National Police, provincial reconstruction teams, and coalition forces in order to regain lost territory for the Taliban.

The New Breed: Corps unleashes Labradors in counter-IED fight

The Marine Corps believes it has found the right dog for the counter-IED fight, but it’s not the traditional military working dog.

It’s a Labrador Retriever, and it resembles Lassie more closely than Rin Tin Tin.

Unlike the German Shepherd, which was carefully bred to herd sheep and fend off predators, the Labrador Retriever was bred to go fetch.

Originally created to help Canadian hunters catch game, today’s typical Labrador is catching Frisbees. The energetic yet even-tempered canine has become arguably the most common household pet in the world.

Tons of hashish confiscated in southern Afghanistan

An Afghan National Security and International Security Assistance Forces discovered more than six tons of hashish in southern Afghanistan April 20-May 8, during clearing operations.

The drugs were found during Operation Mountain Jaguar and have an approximate street value of 5 million dollars. The drugs found are a combination of three large drug caches found in Zharay and Panjaw’i Districts of Kandahar province.

Special Forces clear 9 IEDs from southern Afghan district

U.S. Special Forces, along with Afghan Commandos and Afghan National Civil Order Police, cleared nine IEDs during routine patrols over a two day period ending May 7, in Panjwai District, Kandahar province.

In the last seven days, the partnered force has cleared a total 16 roadside bombs in Panjwai, including these latest IEDs.

“The local populace was extremely receptive in each of the villages visited,” said a Special Operations Task Force – South team leader working in Panjwai. “Once [Afghan] forces arrived, they came out and greeted the element excitedly.”