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ISAF Takes Out Taliban Leader!
By Harold Hutchison

ISAF confirmed that Mukhils, a Taliban leader in Helmand province, was killed during an operation. This is the second Taliban leader to be confirmed dead since Friday. Mukhils lead a Taliban cell that carried out attacks against ISAF and Afghan forces.

ISAF also confirmed that a Haqqani Network facilitator in Paktiya province. The unidentified facilitator was responsible for distributing weapons to insurgents, and had also been involved in placing IEDs used in attacks.


ISAF Confirms Taliban Leader Whacked
By Harold Hutchison

ISAF confirmed that Adbulah Wakil, a Taliban leader in Kandahar province, was killed during an operation. The operation also resulted in the death or capture of other insurgents. Wakil was the ranking Taliban official in the province’s Panjwa’i district.

ISAF also confirmed that six insurgent leaders were captured over the past three days. Three of the captures were described as “senior Taliban leaders” in ISAF releases. ISAF also confirmed that one insurgent leader had ties to both the Taliban and Haqqani network.


ISAF Hunts Insurgent Bigwigs
By Harold Hutchison

A joint operation involving Afghan and ISAF forces resulted in the deaths of what an ISAF release described as “numerous insurgents” in Balkh province. The ISAF/Afghan force was hunting the second-highest figure in Taliban leadership in the province’s Chimtal district.


North Korean Strike Plans Also Include D.C., Austin, Hawaii
By Harold Hutchison

North Korean strike plans include Los Angeles, Hawaii, Washington D.C., and Austin, Texas, according to photographs that ran in the state-owned newspaper Rodong. The photographs were from what the North Korean propaganda sheet called an “emergency meeting” of North Korean officials.

The meeting came after B-2 bombers took part in joint exercises between American and South Korea forces. The B-2s flew about 12,000 miles from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri and simulated nuclear strikes.

Combat Marksmanship Range

Video by 2nd Marine Logistics Group


ISAF RC-East Clears 13 More
By Harold Hutchison

Forces under ISAF’s Regional Command East disarmed another 13 IEDs on 27 March. This runs their total since last Friday to 30 devices disabled by EOD units.

ISAF units in the command also captured an insurgent in Paktika province. This runs their total of captured insurgents to 35 since Friday.


EOD Specialist Has Disarmed 200 IEDs
By Harold Hutchison

An Air Force EOD specialist has joined an exclusive club – Air Force personnel who have received five awards of the Bronze Star. Tech. Sgt. Ronnie Brickey received the medal on 22 March.

The Bronze Star is a relatively rare award for the Air Force, since it cannot be awarded for actions involving aerial flight. Brickey is only the fifth Airman to receive the Bronze Star five times.


USS John C. Stennis Leaves Fifth Fleet
By Harold Hutchison

The United States is down to one carrier to not only support Operation Enduring Freedom and keep an eye on Iran. This is due to the departure of USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) from the region.

The carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75), which was slated to deploy, instead remains in Norfolk due to the sequester. The only carrier in the region is USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69).


Taliban Leader Killed by ISAF
By Harold Hutchison

A Taliban leader in Helmand province was killed by ISAF during operations in Afghanistan yesterday. This ups the total of insurgent leaders killed or captured to five in the past three days.

Sadat was involved in carrying out attacks on ISAF and Afghan forces. He also provided weapons to insurgents and coordinated the use of improvised explosive devices.


Leaders, Facilitator, Nabbed During Operations
By Harold Hutchison

ISAF confirmed that two insurgent leaders and an insurgent facilitator were captured during operations on 25 March. This comes as the spring fighting season is approaching in the region.

A Taliban leader was captured in Shah Wali Kot district, Kandahar province. The unidentified individual had ordered assassinations of Afghan government officials. The leader was also involved in leading attacks against Afghan and Coalition forces.


“Amazing Race” Episode Featured Propaganda
By Harold Hutchison

Sunday evening, viewers of “The Amazing Race” were treated to a message before the episode apologizing to America’s veterans. The apology comes after a week of controversy surrounding an episode that took place in Hanoi.

During the 17 March episode in Hanoi, race participants had to stop at a route marker set at a memorial centered on a B-52 downed during the Vietnam War. The leg of the race also featured a Vietnamese propaganda show.

Here is the full text of the statement CBS placed before the 24 March episode:


ISAF Also Bags Gul Ahmad
By Harold Hutchison

ISAF confirmed that two Taliban leaders in Helmand province were killed during operations in Afghanistan last week. The Taliban leaders were identified as Tanim and Gul Ahmed.

Tanim, who was killed on 18 March, had directed attacks against ISAF and Afghan forces. He also was involved in recruiting new insurgents and had taken part in sham legal proceedings. Gul Ahmed, killed on 17 March, was also responsible for attacks against ISAF and Afghan forces.


ISAF Nabs Taliban Leader, Facilitators
By Harold Hutchison

ISAF captured a Taliban leader and two Taliban facilitators during the same operation in Wardak province.

The Taliban leader was involved in planning and directing a number of high-profile attacks against Afghan and coalition forces, and his track record included kidnapping and assassination attempts against government officials, past attempts to destabilize Afghan elections, and recruitment of insider threat agents. The two Taliban facilitators captured during the operation also specialized in high-profile attacks.


Haqqani Leader Whacked
By Harold Hutchison

ISAF confirmed that Hazratullah, a Haqqani network leader known for procuring weapons, IED components, ammunition and other supplies to insurgents for attacks against ISAF and Afghan forces, was killed during an operation in Khost province.

ISAF also confirmed the capture of a Taliban leader and a Taliban facilitator during operations in Afghanistan. The Taliban facilitator, who was captured in Kandahar, was involved in transactions that provided weapons and ammunition to insurgents for use in attacks against ISAF and Afghan forces.


ISAF Nabs Two Taliban Facilitators
By Harold Hutchison

ISAF confirmed the death of a Taliban leader in Nangarhar province during operations in Afghanistan. The leader, Ruhullah, was identified as a Taliban IED expert involved in multiple attacks on ISAF and Afghan forces.

Two Taliban facilitators were also captured. One, in Balkh province, was in the middle of planning an attack to take place on government officials during the Afghan New Year. The other facilitator, captured in Kandahar, provided IEDs to insurgents after assembling them.