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ALP repel insurgent ambush in Uruzgan province

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Two Kush Kadir Afghan Local Police members repelled an insurgent attack near Khalilae village, Chora district, Jan. 21.

The two ALP members were traveling along the Gizab road from Khalilae village to Kush Khadir village when they were ambushed by a group of five to six insurgents.

“The insurgents appeared to be a security element for an individual emplacing an [improvised explosive device] along the road prior to the impending snowfall,” said a coalition special operations forces representative.

The ALP slowed down their vehicle to investigate and a 10-15 minute firefight ensued with the insurgents. The firefight lasted until ALP reinforcements from the Kowtal checkpoint responded forcing the insurgents to retreat into the mountains.

“No ALP members were injured or killed in the attack, only their vehicle sustained minor damage from the gunfire,” said the coalition SOF representative. “The performance of the ALP, without any SOF involvement or advice, is very admirable.”

Article by Petty Officer 2nd Class Jacob Dillon, Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force - Afghanistan