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Airstrikes Also Being Considered

Airdrops are under consideration to aid Yazidi Christians who fled the advance of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), now trapped in a mountain region, are facing death. This comes as ISIS has seized the Mosul Dam.

According to a report by CBS.com, the airdrops are being considered to aid the stranded Yazidi, who practice a religion that has elements of Zoroastrianism and other major religions. The Yazidi, like many Christians, were offered an ultimatum by ISIS: Convert to Islam, pay a tax, or die. Many have fled as a result of the ultimatum.

The Obama Administration has also reportedly been considering airstrikes against ISIS, which is attempting to rebrand itself into the Islamic State. One airstrike carried out by the Iraqi government reportedly killed sixty Islamic State fighters. The CBS report also indicated that any airdrop missions might require fighter escort.

Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) urged the Obama Administration to act in a letter, saying, “Genocide is taking place before our eyes -- and on your watch -- in Iraq.”

American forces were withdrawn from Iraq in December 2011 after the Obama Administration failed to reach agreement with the Iraqi government on a new status of forces agreement.