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Senior Enlisted Man Fired Over Religious Views
By Harold Hutchison

The Air Force is being accused of trying to cover up the fact that a senior enlisted Airman was fired over his religious beliefs. Now, Senior Master Sergeant Phillip Monk has filed a complaint about his removal.

According to a release by the Liberty Institute, a formal equal opportunity complaint has been filed against Major Elisa Valenzuela, Monk’s commander at the time. According to the complaint, Valenzuela removed Monk from his position after he could not agree with re-defining marriage to include same-sex couples.

The Air Force is denying that Monk was fired, but instead re-assigned to another post at the end of his tour. However, Michael Berry of the Liberty Institute told Breitbart News, “Monk was not due to rotate to a new assignment until September, as military documents confirm. And typically, when you’re due to rotate to a new assignment, that follows a period where you are being shadowed by your replacement to allow for a smooth transition. Another thing they did—which is a drastic departure from standard procedure—is that he was told you are not permitted to return to this unit. He was banned from returning to his training squadron, and had to receive special permission even to pick up his personal items.”

The Liberty Institute has set up a toll-free hotline for other military personnel who believe their First Amendment rights are being violated. The number for the Armed Forces Religious Liberty Hotline is 1-800-259-9109.