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After Eight Victories Tuesday, Now The Work Begins

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Fellow Veterans & Friends -

Thanks to your help, Vets for Freedom PAC helped elect eight pro-victory veterans to Congress, more than doubling the number of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans serving in the House.

With eight victories among ten races, Vets for Freedom PAC leads the pack among veterans and military political action committees. Our winning candidates:

* Lieutenant Colonel Allen West (FL-22), Iraq, Afghanistan & Gulf wars

* Lieutenant Colonel Steve Stivers (OH-15), Iraq war

* Captain Adam Kinzinger (IL-11), Iraq & Afghanistan wars

* Colonel Joe Heck (NV-3), Iraq war

* Major Tim Griffin (AR-2), Iraq war

* Colonel Chris Gibson (NY-20), Iraq war (4 tours)

* Commander Andy Harris (MD-1), Gulf war

* Corporal Michael Grimm (NY-13), Gulf war

In addition, every anti-war Iraq veteran in the House lost on Tuesday. That means that with our wins, and the anti-war losses, every single Iraq and Afghanistan veteran in Congress today is pro-victory.

The true voice of our warrior generation will soon be heard on Capitol Hill!

Vets for Freedom PAC's eight congressmen-elect veterans now join two other pro-victory Iraq veterans already in Congress, Duncan Hunter and Mike Coffman, and create a strong, new block--leaders who have seen the enemy firsthand and understand what's at stake on the battlefield. What more can we ask for?

None of this would be possible without you. Your support, donations, and willingness to volunteer helped propel Operation 10-in-10's candidates to victory. Thank you!

We look forward to working with our new “Victory Caucus” to continue supporting our warriors on the battlefield!

May God continue to bless our great republic,
Flagg Youngblood
Director, Vets for Freedom PAC
Army OEF Veteran