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Afghans graduate ALP training course in Farah province

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As the Afghan Local Policemen began to arrive, the wind picked up, causing the Afghan flag to fully extend and wave briskly in the breeze. It was as if the pride of Afghanistan had been lifted that much more.

On Dec. 11, 2012, 26 Afghan Local Policemen graduated the training course at Shewan Garrison, in Bala Baluk district, after nearly two weeks of training.

“These Afghans stood up to provide security for their family, their friends and their village,” said a team member with Special Operations Task Force West. “They are the ones who are able to identify who belongs and who does not belong within their community.”

The policemen completed a two-week training course where they learned marksmanship, patrolling techniques, first aid and the Afghan Constitutional process.

“The training was really good because it made us work together,” said Mohammed Walli, an ALP graduate. “My favorite part of the training was the first aid class because we had to really work together in order to make sure we were able to fix (the casualty).”

Present during the ceremony were key leaders from the district governor, the Afghan National Army, the Afghan Uniformed Police and the surrounding villages.

Addressing the new ALP members, District Governor Haji Sayed Mohammed told them Afghanistan is proud of them for their willingness to provide security to their villages. He also said they are the first line-of-defense in ensuring the people are no longer subject to the fear and intimidation tactics of the enemy.

“I am proud to be given the opportunity to provide protection to the people of my village,” said Walli. “I will make sure I do all that I can to ensure they are safe.”

As coalition forces prepare to withdraw combat troops, Afghan National Security Forces have taken the lead in providing security and stability to the people of Afghanistan.

Article by Sgt. Chadwick de Bree, Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force - Afghanistan