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Taliban Orders Murder of Hero
By Harold Hutchison

The Afghan national who protected “Lone Survivor” Marcus Luttrell (third from the right in the photo) from the Taliban in 2005, Mohammad Gulab, has been marked for death by the terrorist group. The news comes in the wake of the movie Lone Survivor, which thrust Luttrell’s story back into the spotlight.

According to a report by Breitbart News, the Taliban issued the death sentence against Gulab, who discovered the badly wounded Luttrell in the aftermath of Operation Red Wings. Lieutenant Michael Murphy received the Medal of Honor for heroism during a firefight that occurred after his team was discovered by civilians who they allowed to leave.

Luttrell, who received the Navy Cross, was the only SEAL who survived the events. Gulab has been seeking a green card to permanently reside in the United States. He is not the only Afghan who has been having difficulty leaving Afghanistan to escape Taliban threats. A number of interpreters have faced problems getting visa to come to the United States.

Last year, SOF reported that the Taliban was planting false evidence against interpreters, so as to prevent their escape the United States. Among those waiting is the interpreter who fought alongside Dakota Meyer and Will Swenson at the Battle of Gangjul Valley. Meyer and Swenson both received the Medal of Honor for their heroism in the battle.