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Afghan National Police repel insurgent attack in Khas Uruzgan

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Members of the Afghan National Police repelled insurgents attacking checkpoints in the Khas Uruzgan District, Aug. 26.

According to local district reports, the ANP began receiving small-arms fire from insurgent fighters attempting to intimidate Afghan National Security Forces.

"Once we [started] receiving incoming fire, we assessed the situation and began to return fire," said ANP District Chief of Police Sardar Wali. Wali reinforced two ANP positions with policemen from the district center, said a coalition Special Operations team leader.

"The Taliban are trying to disrupt our progress, but we will fight for our villages and our citizens," said Wali. "We want to show the local citizens that the government of Afghanistan is serious about protecting them from insurgents."

"[The ANP] responded quickly and effectively, using a quick reaction force within the district ANP force. The ANP’s capabilities in this area are continuing to grow and present a true deterrent to insurgent activity," said a coalition Special Operations team member.

There were no reported civilian causalities or property damage as a result of the engagement.

Article by Spc. Ashley Bowman, Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force - Afghanistan