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Afghan National Army partner with coalition forces conduct clearing operations in the Nawa district

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Members of the Afghan National Army partnered with coalition special operations forces, conducted a clearing operation in the Nawa district, Sept. 25- 29, which led to the discovery of several weapons caches.

The primary purpose of this operation was to demonstrate the Afghan National Security Force’s ability to provide security and to engage local citizens residing in the Nawa district.

During the first day of the operation, ANA soldiers located a chest rig with AK-47 magazines in a tree outside of the village mosque. They also found a tactical radio used by insurgents to communicate and a rifle.

After the partnered force completed their search, members of the ANA, the Zabul District Chief of police and Nawbahar District Governor Wazir, conducted a shura with over 200 males living in the area.

A member of the ANA stated the people were receptive to the presence of the combined force.

Following the shura, a local female citizen informed the ANA Commander of a weapons cache, which yielded a second tactical radio, PKM parts, two AK-47's, 200 rounds of PKM ammunition, 100 rounds of AK-47 ammunition, and four chest rigs with AK-47 magazines.

On the second day of the operation, the partnered force conducted clearing patrols of a second village. Afterwards they met with over 300 village males.

According to official reports, before the shura was complete, insurgents attacked the group with PKM fire. The combined team suppressed the attack, killing two enemy fighters.

On the final day of the operation, ANA team members conducted a unilateral mission to secure the bazaar and several small villages surrounding the District Center.

"We held a third shura with villagers around the Nawa District Center to reiterate the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan's dedication and commitment to security," Wazir said.

Overall, the operation led to the discovery of several hundred rounds of AK-47 ammunition, two tactical radios, 200 rounds of PKM ammunition and PKM parts, two AK-47's, five load bearing vests with four magazines and one enemy vehicle destroyed.

No civilians were injured and no property was damaged during the operation.

Article by Spc. Ashley Bowman, Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Afghanistan Media Operations Center