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Afghan national army infiltrator killed in Khost

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An Afghan-led security force killed an Afghan national army soldier, who recently shot an Australian service member, during a security operation in Tanai District, Khost province, yesterday.

The Afghan soldier, Shafiea Ullah, killed one Australian service member, who had been working in support of mentoring efforts with the Afghan army, May 30 in Uruzgan province. The motive for the attack is unknown and Ullah had no affiliation with any insurgent networks.

The combined Afghan and coalition force originally set out to arrest Ullah after intelligence reports led them to his location. When the force arrived on scene, the soldier attempted to pull his pistol on them. Responding to his actions, the force engaged, killing him.

The force also detained several individuals believed to have assisted in his escape. Additionally, multiple grenades, AK-47 rifles and magazines were confiscated during the search.

Article by ISAF Joint Command