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Afghan Local Police defend bridge from insurgents

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Afghan Local Police disrupted insurgent efforts to emplace mines on a well-traveled bridge in Pul-E-Khumri district Dec. 31.

Afghan villagers notified the ALP of the threat, and ALP Commander Musa Khan led a patrol element to protect the villagers and the bridge.

Upon approaching the bridge, the ALP identified several insurgents attempting to place the mines. The insurgents attacked the ALP patrol with small-arms fire, but the ALP returned fire and successfully drove off the insurgents.

After securing the bridge, the ALP recovered several anti-tank and anti-personnel mines left by the insurgents.

A coalition special operations forces team member described the importance of the ALP successfully repelling the insurgents.

“The [ALP] operated without coalition assistance to defend the local villagers,” said the coalition SOF team member. “This bridge is traveled every day by men, women and children.”

The mines were turned over to coalition SOF for safe disposal, and no injuries or property damage was reported during the patrol.

Article by Staff Sgt. Cody Sedlacek, Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force - Afghanistan