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Afghan forces repel failed insurgent attack in Kandahar

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Afghan National Security Forces in partnership with International Security Assistance Force repelled multiple attacks by insurgents throughout Kandahar City May 7.

The attacks began with a combined rocket-propelled grenade attack and small arms fire on the Kandahar Provincial Governor’s palace.

Several additional attacks followed on the Afghanistan National Chief of Police Headquarters, the Transportation Police Headquarters, Police Sub-station One and various ANSF and ISAF buildings in Kandahar City and the Arghandab River Valley.

Reporting indicates that more than five suicide bombers utilizing vehicle-borne explosive devices were involved in the attack.

Afghan National Security Forces immediately responded to the attack, including preventing three vehicle-borne explosive devices from detonating. International Security Assistance Forces supported the Afghans by providing perimeter security in the area.

“This clearly was intended to be a spring offensive spectacular attack which was thwarted by Afghan National Security Forces,” said U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Gen. James B. Laster, International Security Assistance Force Joint Command Deputy Chief of Staff Joint Operations. “Initial reports indicate that between three and six suicide bombers were stopped – either detonating prematurely or being killed before they could detonate.”

According to reports, none of the insurgent attacks breached the perimeters of any of the compounds.

“The insurgents claimed that they would protect civilians in their spring offensive press release, however again today they have wounded more civilians,” said Laster. “Afghan National Security Forces responded calmly and capably and with limited ISAF assistance, were able to restore calm to the city.”

Article by ISAF Joint Command