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Afghan, coalition forces detain suspected insurgents, destroy weapons

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A combined Afghan and coalition security force detained several suspected insurgents and destroyed a weapons cache while searching for a Taliban leader during a security operation in Talah wa Barfak district, Baghlan province, Saturday.

The Taliban leader facilitates the delivery of weapons to insurgent fighters. He trained groups of fighters for attacks against the Afghan National Police, provincial reconstruction teams, and coalition forces in order to regain lost territory for the Taliban.

The combined security force targeted a compound in the district after numerous intelligence reports of insurgent activity in the area. The force moved into position, then called for all occupants to exit the premises.

As the security force conducted call outs at the buildings, they noticed multiple individuals in a nearby field trying to evade them. The force was able to detain two individuals without the use of deadly force.

During the search, the force found multiple rocket-propelled grenades, ammunition and weapons. They moved to additional buildings where they discovered more weapons and ammunition.

Completing the search, several suspected insurgents were removed from the area and detained for having suspected ties to insurgent activity.

The operation also resulted in the discovery of a weapons cache consisting of one rocket-propelled grenade launcher with multiple RPG rounds and boosters, multiple 107 mm warheads rigged as IEDs, 82 mm warheads, multiple mortars and grenades, ammonium nitrate, a light machine gun with numerous rounds, one AK-47 assault rifle with multiple magazines and hundreds of 7.62 mm rounds, a pistol, chest rack, and IED materials.

The weapons and IED-making materials were destroyed by the security forces.

No civilians were harmed during this operation.

Article by ISAF Joint Command