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Established: 1975
Editor & Publisher: Robert K. Brown

Email: advertising@sofmag.com

Call: (303)513-1835

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Soldier of Fortune reserves the right to refuse any ad for any reason.

SOF Is The International Leader In Adventure Publications
Soldier Of Fortune is published 12 times per year. Top government, military and law enforcement officials, intelligence agencies, line personnel from the U.S. armed forces and local law enforcement agencies, avid outdoorsmen and adventurers all look to SOF as their source for up-to-date factual coverage from the world's hot-spots. Increase your business by targeting SOF is well-educated, affluent and action-oriented male audience.

Who Reads Soldier Of Fortune?
Our most recent research (conducted by an independent research firm; Research USA, Inc.) indicates a 41-year-old married man who owns his own home and has an annual income of approximately $55,000. He has been reading Soldier of Fortune for over seven years. He is a heavy mail order purchaser. He supports the advertiser's products (over 70% have purchased items advertised in Soldier of Fortune in the past 12 months).

SOF Advertisements Are Strong Sales & Merchandising Tools
Your ads in SOF will be very useful long after appearing in the magazine. Advertisements in SOF regularly bring in orders months (and on occasion years) after they have appeared.

SOF Isn't Just Read, It's Used
As a direct result of reading an advertisement in SOF, more than 83% of subscribers or members of their household have actually purchased general merchandise in the past 12 months.

SOF Reaches The Active, Involved Reader
Nearly all SOF subscribers (97.6%) have read at least three of the last four issues. Over 95% have read all four issues. The average reading time for each issue is more than two and one-half hours. SOF has an average of 4.9 readers per copy.

SOF Provides An Attractive Product Showcase
Our excellent stories, product reviews, photography and illustrations provide an attractive package in which to present your advertising message. Our high-quality paper and eye-catching colors provide unparalleled advertising reproduction.

SOF Provides Information
In addition to entertaining, our appeal includes quality, in-depth coverage of the battles and hot-spots around the world. SOF journalists are on assignment wherever the action is, giving our readers first-hand accounts. Our editors' personal approach and involvement by actually traveling to where the action is to get their stories, enhance the reader's interest in your advertising message.

Additional Facts
• More than half purchased equipment in the last 12 months
• More than 65% plan to purchase equipment in the next 12 months

• More than 80% plan to purchase ammunition in the next 12 months
• Over 80% have purchased more than 12 boxes for rifles in the last 12 months

• More than 90% own a knife
• More than 89% own more than one knife

• Over half of our readers camp and hike more than twice a year

Call or e-mail for current advertising rates at (303)513-1835 or e-mail advertising@sofmag.com.