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ACE Ltd.'s M4 Six Position Collapsable Modular Stock

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For use with all Ace Receiver Blocks or FSM & FSM-PB . Allows attachment of M4 collapsible stock. Includes M4 Stock, Commercial buffer Tube, and all necessary mounting hardware.

All ACE Modular Stocks are designed to be installed on ANY ACE Receiver Block or ANY ACE Folding Mechanism. All you need to do is pick out your Receiver Block and then choose your Modular Stock.

The Receiver Block attaches directly to a specific weapons receiver or frame. When ACE Modular Stocks are installed directly to the Receiver Block it becomes a "Fixed Stock" and will not side fold.

When the ACE Modular Stock is attached to the Folding Mechanism it becomes a "Side Folding Stock". A side folding stock can be set up to fold to the left or right, depending on how the pivot pin is positioned before it is installed on the receiver block.

For more information on this stock, go to http://riflestocks.com/store/product5.html

For more on ACE Ltd., go to http://riflestocks.com/store/