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Want to store some of the important stuff for your rifle or shotgun, but don't want to haul all gear on a chest rig, or worse, leave it in the wrong bag? The Accu-Pack can solve that problem!

The Accu-Pack is a precision sight alignment system for rifles, shotguns and AR15s in both M4 & M16 variants. The adjustable comb height provides perfect sight and optics alignment which means faster targeting and follow-up shots with less felt recoil. As a bonus feature it doubles as a buttstock pouch to carry extra ammo or gear.


  • Enhanced Accuracy: By allowing for instant and perfect sight alignment, faster more accurate shots on target can be made. Also makes for faster follow-up shots!
  • Reduced Recoil Fatigue/Flinching: The “EVA” foam pad inserts help to dampen recoil energies as they are transmitted through the gun stock thereby reducing the cumulative effects of repeated recoil.
  • Positive Cheek Weld: Critical for targeting and follow-up shots. Our “Rubberized” cheek pad comfortably keeps the shooter’s cheek on the gun.
  • Extra Storage: Our low-profile zippered pocket with internal cartridge loops is great for shooting accessories; ammo, data cards, wind meter, hunting license, vehicle keys, etc.
  • Easy Installation: Designed to fit nearly all types of sporting and tactical rifles via its unique stretch-to-fit strap system.
  • Custom Comb Height: Comes with 3 high-density foam pads for a customized comb height
  • Top-Notch Materials and Construction: Made from 1000 Denier Cordura® fabric and the toughest materials available - all put together with our ''Battle-Proven'' manufacturing process. 

For more information on the SPEC-OPS BRAND line of Accu-Packs, go to: http://www.specopsbrand.com/tactical-gear/buttstock-pouch-sniper-rifle-c...

For more information on SPEC-OPS BRAND, go to http://www.specopsbrand.com/

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