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The CIA’s top officer in Afghanistan had his cover blown in a press release that was sent out during Barack Obama’s visit to American troops in Afghanistan during the Memorial Day weekend.

According to media reports, the name of the CIA’s Chief of Station in Afghanistan was included in a list of officials who briefed Obama during his brief stop in Afghanistan. The disclosure, which was termed as “inadvertent,” was reportedly rectified when officials realized what happened and sent out an updated release.

“Initially, the press office raised no objection, apparently because military officials had provided the list to distribute to news organizations,” a Washington Post report on the incident. “But senior White House officials realized the mistake and scrambled to issue an updated list without the CIA officer’s name.”

According to a report from Reuters, both the Washington Post and the wire service declined to release the CIA official’s name, but the report with that official’s name had been sent out to over 6,000 people on a distribution list. It remained unclear as to whether or not the CIA would have to find a new chief of station to replace the one whose cover was blown.