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ISAF Confirms Taliban Leader Whacked
By Harold Hutchison

ISAF confirmed that Adbulah Wakil, a Taliban leader in Kandahar province, was killed during an operation. The operation also resulted in the death or capture of other insurgents. Wakil was the ranking Taliban official in the province’s Panjwa’i district.

ISAF also confirmed that six insurgent leaders were captured over the past three days. Three of the captures were described as “senior Taliban leaders” in ISAF releases. ISAF also confirmed that one insurgent leader had ties to both the Taliban and Haqqani network.

ISAF Regional Command East, which borders on Pakistan, reported that forces under its command cleared 30 IEDs, killed 15 insurgents, and captured seven more. One weapons cache was also discovered, containing five anti-personnel mines, IED making materials, one rocket-propelled grenade, one hand grenade, more than 400 PKM rounds, eight AK-47 magazines with rounds, one AK-47 bayonet and two small-arms rifles.