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ISAF Confirms Taliban Leader, Facilitator Killed
By Harold Hutchison

ISAF confirmed that a Taliban leader and a Taliban facilitator were killed over the weekend during operations in Afghanistan. The deaths come as the spring fighting season is approaching in Afghanistan.

Abdul Satar was a facilitator for the Taliban in Kandahar province. He had been responsible for providing IED materials, as well as weapons and supplies to insurgents, while also taking part in direct-fire and IED attacks. He and one insurgent were killed during a security operation.

Janan was a Taliban leader in Helmand province who was responsible for numerous kidnappings and attacks against ISAF and Afghan forces. Another Taliban leader in the province, Abdul Razzaq, was confirmed killed by ISAF on 15 March.

ISAF also reported a number of captures: A Haqqani network leader, an Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leader and suicide-attack coordinater, and three Taliban leaders, one of whom specialized in logistics.