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ISAF'S Regional Command Southwest condemns Taliban roadside bombings that kill innocent civilians

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ISAF's Regional Command Southwest condemns the Taliban's planting of roadside bombs in Helmand Province that killed an innocent man, seven women and three children.

Today at approximately 9 a.m. a roadside bomb exploded in the Musa Qala district that killed 10, including seven young women and three children. Hours later in the same district, a second devise exploded, killing a man, wounding a woman and their three children.

This dishonorable tactic being used by the Taliban only destroys Afghanistan and prevents a peaceful way of life for its citizens.

The Afghanistan National Security Forces are doing all they can to counter this tactic with ISAF's support.

The population can take part in security by reporting IEDs and those that plant them to their local security forces.

Together, we can stop Taliban assassins from planting bombs that kill and maim innocent civilians.

Article by ISAF Joint Command