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UNITED STATES SURGE IN AFGHANISTAN! Obama sends troops, but shorts McChrystal by 10,000 after dithering for three months. FLIGHTS DISRUPTED? Incidents in Atlanta and Denver lead to speculation of “dry runs” for new attacks. DAVID HEADLEY, AMERICAN OF PAKI HERITAGE AND CIA MOLE, CHARGED for heavy involvement in deadly Thanksgiving 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks. He was also charged for plot to attack newspaper in Denmark that published Islamic cartoons in 2005. ABOUT TIME!!! THREE AL QAEDA DRUG TRAFFICKERS CHARGED in Federal Court in New York for trafficking cocaine to Africa to support terror activities. The suspects were arrested in Ghana after a lengthy DEA sting.


IRAN LONG RANGE MISSILE TESTED – Sejil-2, with range of 1200 miles, can threaten Israel, U.S. bases in the Gulf and Europe. NO GAS FOR YOU! U.S. imposes sanctions on gasoline exports to Iran. LATIN AMERICAN MOVES? SOS Clinton warns of Iranian influence in Latin America. CHARGED WITH ESPIONAGE: Three American hikers who wandered into Iran.


HONDURAS LOBO ELECTED with 55 percent of the vote. ZELAYA STILL HUNKERED DOWN in the Brazilian embassy.


BRAZIL TREATY WITH PARAGUAY over payment for shared hydroelectric power dam languishes in Brazilian Congress.


PAKISTAN FIVE AMERICANS from northern Virginia seeking to train for and wage jihad are arrested. MARKET BOMBING targeting local politician kills 33. UNMANNED DRONE WHACKS AL-QAEDA BIGWIG in Pakistan. SOUTH WAZIRISTAN OFFENSIVE a success, Zardari claims.




VIETNAM WEAPONS DEAL to buy Russian Kilo-class submarines, planes and military equipment finalized. Vietnam also gets a nuclear power plant.


RUSSIA TWO DOZEN POLICE SLAUGHTERED, 135 wounded by cowardly bomber of their headquarters in rebel-infested Ingushetia in the Caucasus after police deactivate rebel bomb in gas pipeline. START TREATY expired 5 December, no renewal as of yet. IN LIMBO—purchase of Mistral-class carriers from France. MISSILE TO BE CANCELED? Another Bulava submarine missile test failed, leading to speculation that the missile will be canned.


CHINA RELEASE LIU XIAOBO, U.S. tells China. Xiaobo’s “crime” was to sign a pro-democracy declaration.


NORTH KOREA OBAMA SENDS LETTER to Kim Jong-Il, inviting him to join nuclear disarmament talks. Didn’t he try this with Iran?


JAPAN REPRIEVE? PM delays decision on moving Marine base off Okinawa.


ISRAEL FORMER FOREIGN MINISTER INDICTED by London court over Gaza offensive against Hamas, leading to diplomatic row with the UK. TUNNEL DETECTION GEAR vital to border security.


UNITED KINGDOM BRITISH SAILORS RELEASED after being detained in Iran for a week after their yacht is boarded.


FRANCE EXCHANGE OF EXPULSIONS with Togo worsens French diplomatic situation in West Africa.


DENMARK COPENHAGEN SUMMIT meets despite leaked e-mails that indicate cover-up of data refuting global warming theories.


CHILE CONSERVATIVE WINS first round of Presidential race, but faces runoff.


AFGHANISTAN 2010 ELECTIONS for Afghan parliament could be convoluted and costly. WE TAKE OVER IN FIVE YEARS, President Karzai says. Obama announced a pullout that could start in July 2011.


CUBA MIGRATION TALKS DELAYED between U.S. and Castro regime. MILITARY EXERCISES held – the largest in five years – to simulate defense against invasion. NOT A SMOOTH MOVE IN CASTROLAND. U.S. contractor arrested who was allegedly handing out cell phones, laptops and other electronic communication devices for the Obama administration, NYT reports.


VENEZUELA HUGO AND MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD join up in Caracas to denounce U.S. imperialism.


MEXICO BOSS OF DRUG BOSSES TAKES HIS LAST RUN. Local cops kill U.S. most wanted Arturo Beltran Leyva in shootout, take out three others, another ate his gun.


BURMA OPIUM PRODUCTION CLIMBS to 31,700 hectares. MILITARY JUNTA CONCEDES to meeting between captive opposition leader Sang Suu Kyi and party elders.


THAILAND NORTH KOREAN WEAPONS headed to Iran seized by Thai authorities. AILING KING celebrates 82nd birthday. INSURGENT ATTACKS leave six civilians, including a Muslim woman volunteering with a local self-defense unit, dead.


CAMBODIA NO DEPORTATION until there is a new Thai government, Cambodian PM says, refusing to deport former Thai PM Thaksin.


ZIMBABWE ELECTIONS SOON, corrupt savage dictator Mugabe promises, as if anyone was listening.


ETHIOPIA 27 CONVICTED FOR ANTIGOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY could face the death penalty. DON’T CRITICIZE us over ethnic policies, PM tells US diplomat, while calling ties with U. S. “strong.”


GUINEA JUNTA LEADER SHOT! Former personal security aide attacks Captain Moussa Dadis Camara. 100 SOLDIERS ARRESTED in round-up following the attack. FRANCE KNOWS where the shooter is, Guinea claims.


THE NETHERLANDS OBAMA INVESTIGATED FOR WAR CRIMES? The International Criminal Court (ICC) is reportedly investigating violation of Laws of War in Afghanistan as it did in Iraq under the Bush administration. Obama was reportedly open to push ratification of the ICC treaty until the surge in Afghanistan. U.S. ratification of the ICC treaty would allow all ICC member states to apprehend U.S. officials or military personnel within their jurisdiction.


EQUATORIAL GUINEA MURDEROUS BRUTE OBIANG RE-ELECTED to another term on a continent where dictators thrive.


EGYPT STOLEN ART RETURNED by France. Five relics had been illegally taken and then sold to the Louvre.


IRAQ MULTIPLE CAR BOMBS kill 127, but Iraqi authorities nab 13 suspects within days. IRAN seizes well in Faqua oil field in tank and infantry incursion. $30 SOFTWARE SKYGRABBER INTERCEPTS DRONE VIDEO FEED. Program hijacks satellite signals.


PHILIPPINES GANG MASSACRED 57 people, including about 30 journalists, in Maguindanao Province. Victims included relatives of a political rival, lawyers and journalists, to keep the rival from running against Ampatuan in elections in the Province.


SOUTH AFRICA FORMER HEALTH MINISTER DIES! Manto Tshabalala-Msimang was notorious for the snake oil treatment of using garlic to fight AIDS.