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IJC Operational Update, Feb. 2

Printer Friendly VersionPrinter Friendly VersionSend to a FriendSend to a FriendAn Afghan-international security force detained several suspected militants in Kandahar during two operations yesterday. During the first operation, the combined force searched a vehicle near Lowy Manarah in the Arghandab District after intelligence information indicated militant activity, and detained a few individuals for further questioning. In the second operation, a combined force searched a vehicle near Sparwan in the Panjwayee District and detained an individual. In Khowst last night, an Afghan-international combined force searched a compound in the village of Ya qubi, in the Sabari District after intelligence data indicated insurgent activity. During the search, the combined force captured a Haqqani facilitator and other insurgents responsible for the movement of mines, rockets, machine guns and ammunition to insurgent factions. The security force found multiple weapons including automatic rifles and a stolen military uniform. In another operation in Khowst last night, an Afghan-international security force searched a compound west of the village of Goldar, in the Sabari District after intelligence found militant activity and detained several suspected insurgents. No Afghan civilians were harmed and no shots were fired in these operations. In other operations yesterday, an Afghan-international force on patrol discovered a weapons cache in the Reg-e-Khan Neshin district of Helmand province. The cache consisted of a new mortar system, three mortar rounds, two fuses, one 107mm rocket, and 100 rounds of small-arms ammunition. In Panjwai District of Kandahar province yesterday, an Afghan-international patrol made several weapons and explosive cache finds within a short distance of each other. The combined cache consisted of seven sticks of TNT, six artillery rounds, one block of explosives, one hand grenade, two detonators, three kilograms of home-made explosives, detonation cord, hundreds of rounds of small arms ammunition, and a number of IED making components. The force also detained a suspect at one of the sites. In a separate find in Garm Ser District of Helmand province yesterday, an Afghan-international security force discovered 700 rounds of small arms ammunition.