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IJC Operational Update, Feb. 23

Printer Friendly VersionPrinter Friendly VersionSend to a FriendSend to a FriendAfghan soldiers from the 207th Commando Kandak, assisted by coalition forces, captured a Taliban leader and known weapons facilitator, in Gerani village, Bala Balouk District, Farah province Sunday. After the mission, Afghan and coalition leaders met with village elders to assess the security of the village and distribute food and medical supplies. No civilian casualties or property damage were reported. The Afghan national army and coalition forces are resolved to continue protecting local communities in the Farah province from insurgent attempts to gain ground through violence, fear and intimidation of the Afghan people. Yesterday a joint patrol in the Arghandab District of Kandahar found a weapons cache containing a rocket, grenades and ammunition. Last night, an Afghan-international security force searched a compound in the village of Zhawrah, in the Chak-e Wardak District of Wardak province after intelligence information indicated militant activity. During the search the assault force captured a Taliban sub-commander, with links to several militant networks and responsible for the planning of attacks on coalition forces. Another insurgent was also detained. During the search a militant was killed when he confronted the assault force with an imminent threat. In Nad-e Ali, Helmand province today, an ISAF patrol found a weapons cache containing four mortar rounds, pressure plates and IED-making materials. They later found an IED made of a 55mm illumination round packed with home-made explosives. Still later they found another IED consisting of a pressure plate and six mortar rounds. All of the munitions were destroyed in place by an explosive ordnance disposal team.