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IJC Operational Update, Jan. 22

Printer Friendly VersionPrinter Friendly VersionSend to a FriendSend to a FriendAn Afghan-international security force searched a compound north of the village of Nakhonay, in the Panjwa'I district of Kandahar and detained insurgents. The joint force also found multiple weapons, including automatic rifles, a hand grenade and Taliban propaganda. Also in Kandahar last night, an Afghan-international security force searched compound north of the village of Khenjakak, in the Panjwa'i district and found a building with extensive IED components, including high explosives. The security force saw evidence that some of the explosives may have been rigged to detonate. After ensuring the building was empty of all people the joint force called in an airstrike to destroy the building and the IED explosives. In Logar last night, an Afghan-international security force searched a compound outside the village of Bawu, in the Baraki Barak district and captured a Taliban IED facilitator responsible for attacks against Afghan and coalition forces. When confronted, the facilitator identified himself and surrendered. In other operations, a joint ANSF-ISAF patrol discovered a weapons cache while on patrol in the Tarin Kot district of Uruzgan province, Jan. 21. The cache consisted of hundreds of rounds of small arms ammunition, a rocket-propelled grenade launcher with warhead, hand grenades, hand grenade fuses, several pistols, a heavy weapon barrel and other IED making components. In Helmand yesterday, ANSF and ISAF forces detained the nephew of a known IED maker in the Nawah-ye-Barakzai district. The man was found with 15 cell phones, copper wire, and two Pakistani forms of identification. No Afghan civilians were harmed in any of these operations.