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IJC Operational Update, Jan. 13

Printer Friendly VersionPrinter Friendly VersionSend to a FriendSend to a FriendAn Afghan-international security force searched a compound south of the village of Nowabad, in the Mohammad Agha District last night and captured a Taliban facilitator responsible for the movement of explosives, weapons and IEDs. One insurgent was killed in the assault. The security force recovered a shotgun and automatic rifles. In Zabul last night, a joint security force searched a compound south of the town of Degak, in the Qalat District and captured a Taliban facilitator with knowledge of multiple militant networks. No Afghan citizens were harmed during these operations. In an operation in Khowst, Jan. 10, Afghan Border Police and ISAF forces seized munitions from insurgents. Items found during the operation included: four 82mm mortar rounds, one 75mm recoilless rifle round, four 76mm recoilless rifle rounds, 31 RPG rounds, 12 chest racks, several DSKA rounds, RPG boosters and ANP and ANA uniforms. Senior leaders visit ANA soldiers ANA soldiers stationed at Forward Operating Base Kalagush in Nuristan province received a surprise visit, Jan. 3, from ANA Col. Mohammed Afzal, commander of the 2nd Brigade, 201st ANA Corps. The colonel came with ANA Col. Rafi, the ANA commander of Nuristan Operations Coordination Center, and three Afghan reporters to assess eastern Afghanistan's main artillery training facility as they near completion of their training. The training will enable ANA soldiers to carry out artillery support without the assistance of Coalition forces. Capt. Gul, the Afghan battery commander, escorted the group to the firing position, where 122mm Howitzers were emplaced. ANA Sgt. Wardak, one of the two gun line chiefs, showed them the important pieces of the Howitzer and how his crew worked the gun before, during and after a standard fire mission. Under Wardak's supervision, the soldiers conducted two "dry missions," or rehearsals, doing everything to standard, except firing the round. The gun crew then fired three 122mm high explosive rounds into a nearby mountain. ANA Staff Sgt. Mongei Boi, the non-commissioned officer in charge of the Fire Direction Center, showed the group how the gun receives its data for the fire missions. The soldiers later showed the command group terrain association with maps; displaying the knowledge they had learned from their U.S. Marine Corps Embedded Training Team, and the assistance of the 2nd Battalion, 77th Field Artillery Regiment Fire Direction Center and gun line. "I am so happy with the progress you have made with your new commander [Capt. Gul]," Afzal told the soldiers. "After observing your knowledge and enthusiasm I am going to make it a priority to order six new computers, one for each of your Fire Direction Centers." "I have been travelling throughout my country for a long time, recording and displaying the progress of the Afghan military to the citizens of Afghanistan," said Zaman Mohammadi, an Afghan reporter working for Shamshad Television. "I have seen so much progress; it makes me very happy." To celebrate the leadership displayed by the Afghan leaders and the soldiers that they command, Rafi bought a goat for the battery and invited the ISAF members who helped train the battery to the ANA command post for a traditional Afghan feast. Lt. Col. Michael Forsyth, 2nd Battalion commander, praised the Afghan battery commander for his leadership and the soldiers he commands. "It's been great having your battery here to train," Forsyth said. "They have been a great help with patrolling the nearby villages. They know and interact with the villagers. They are helping to better our relationship with the Afghan people." "Without your training and cooperation this would not be possible," Afzal told Forsyth. "Because of the training you have established with my unit here, I plan on cycling out these trained soldiers to the front lines to teach the lessons they have learned here to their counterparts." The leaders discussed future ANA training. A plan to transfer the fully certified soldiers from FOB Kalagush to other ANA batteries is expected in the near future.