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IJC Operational Update, Jan. 11

Printer Friendly VersionPrinter Friendly VersionSend to a FriendSend to a FriendAn Afghan-international security force searched a compound on the east side of Kandahar City and detained suspected militants. In Khowst last night, a joint security force captured a Haqqani facilitator and other militants responsible for bombing attacks, after searching a compound southeast of the village of Sherubawut, in the Nagir Shah Kot district. The security force recovered multiple weapons, including a machine gun, ammunition and hand grenades. In Nangarhar last night, an Afghan-international security force searched a compound south of the village of Mandakurak, in the Chaparhar district and captured a Taliban facilitator responsible for IED and suicide attacks, along with other militants. The assault force found a pistol and several grenades. In Wardak last night, a joint security force captured a militant while searching a compound south of the village of Byanan, in the Chak-e-Wardak District. They also recovered two rocket propelled grenade rounds. No shots were fired and no Afghan civilians were harmed during any of these operations. Afghan leaders, coalition forces unite to solve village problems Fifty-six elders gathered to represent their villages at a shura held in the Dey Yak District Center, Ghazni province, Jan. 3. District government officials, the provincial police chief, and coalition forces held the shura to provide an opportunity for the elders to explain the problems facing the people of their villages. This also gave them a forum to voice their concerns regarding the security of their areas. Dey Yak Sub-governor Haji Fazil Mohammed spoke to the audience to promote cooperation between ANSF and coalition forces. "It will take time to rebuild Afghanistan," said Haji Fazil. "For the last seven years, foreigners have had a hand in rebuilding our country. You can see coalition forces building district centers, clinics and schools." Fazil went on to explain procedures on how to report abuse, bribery or any Taliban action. He also expressed his disapproval of Taliban activities. "Some Taliban are laying mines in the roads. They're born in this country and they are destroying it. What's the benefit? This is not the role of humanity. We have no unity." The shura was an opportunity to get feedback from the villagers regarding how they feel about ANP who protects them as well as the presence of coalition forces working with the ANP. Lt. Col. Kenneth Primus, deputy commander for the PRT, thanked the villagers for bringing their issues to the meeting. He explained how the PRT could help them and shared some security problems currently plaguing specific projects. "Before we can build, there must be security," said Primus. "There are clinics in Laghawat and Janabad that need to be constructed. We have actually tried to start work in Janabad. But these projects were stopped. They were cancelled because contractors were attacked." Primus emphasized that the local citizens must take responsibility for the security in their villages before development can proceed. "We can either fight, or we can build. We are very good at both, but not at the same time. We are here to help the Afghan people," said Primus. The event ended with Fazil praising the police and assuring the elders that not only will the police respond when necessary, but they will be held accountable if there is any misconduct.