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Guinea’s Opposition-Chosen PM Says Will Soon Name Government

Printer Friendly VersionPrinter Friendly VersionSend to a FriendSend to a FriendGuinea’s opposition coalition-chosen prime minister said he will soon name a cabinet that will work towards organizing the general election scheduled to be held within the next six months. Jean-Marie Dore said he is waiting to meet with interim military junta leader General Sekouba Konate before naming his government. “I am waiting the arrival of General Konate to take the act of nomination, and during the next days the government will be formed and we will start work,” he said. Dore is the leader of the opposition Union for the Progress of Guinea (UPG) party. He was chosen by the opposition coalition otherwise known as "Forces Vives” to be the next prime minister. "Forces Vives” includes opposition parties, civil society groups, and different trade unions. Dore said a key responsibility of the interim government, when formed, would be to organize a credible election. “The function of a transitional government is to make the election. A fair election,” Dore said. Junta leader Captain Moussa Dadis Camara, who is currently recovering in neighboring Burkina Faso, said he backs a transitional government that is charged with returning Guinea to a constitutional rule. Camara was recently flown to Morocco where he received treatment after he was shot by the former head of the presidential guard, Lieutenant Abubakar “Toumba” Diakite.