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I’ve always been a believer in shooting OPA—other people’s ammo—whenever possible, especially in this day and age of ammo scarcity. (Thank you NoBama.)


When the opportunity arises to also fire a gamut of the latest assembly line goodies of some of the world’s best known gun manufacturers, how could I resist? And getting away from the all-the-time insanity of the left wing town I live in – The People’s Republic of Boulder. Twenty-two square miles surrounded by reality, as noted by one local wag.


So the invitation to get an inside look and shoot what Remington, Bushmaster and DPMS are currently offering the law enforcement/military community in the way of tactical weapons took me about one nano second to ask, ”When do I have to be there?”


I made my way to San Antonio and was chauffeured up to the YO Ranch Resort Hotel in Kerrsville, Texas, which served as a very pleasant base of operations. The first day was filled with back-to-back seminars with a plethora of info that quickly overloaded my senses. All the Remington, DPMS and Bushmaster presenters knew their stuff from A to Z.


I think it is appropriate to talk a bit about the changes in the firearms industry. A behemoth equity corporation, Cerebus, has purchased several icons in the American firearms industry, to include Remington, DPMS/Panther, Bushmaster, H&R, Marlin, Dakota Arms, Parker, Advance Armament Corp., and EOTAC, a tactical clothes manufacturer, and combined them under a new holding company called Freedom Group. This new organization is going “public” with a stock offering in the near future of $200 million. Freedom Group claimed it sold about 1.1 long guns and 1 billion rounds of ammo during its last fiscal year.


Some pro-gun ding-a-lings have worked themselves into a tizzy, seeing this as some evil anti-gun plot. You know, they buy all these firms and then dissolve them to get rid of their gun manufacturing capability. These loons are cut from the same bolt of cloth that claim that H.R 45 and/or SB 2009 are going to take our guns away. No doubt the evil on in the White House will attempt to do this very thing.


Cerebus and Freedom Group are in business, my friends, to make money, not to cozy up to the Brady and Bloomberg scum. And any dolt who believes they are in any way going to do anything to jeopardize that goal is smoking too many funny cigarettes.


In any event, the next day we hit the range and started blasting away with abandon. Remington, with a selection of its state-of-the art sniper rifles, had a separate range which allowed the shooter to get technical and print paper or engage silhouette targets out to 500 yards, which was far more fun. Nothing like hearing the “clang” of your round hitting the steel. Bushmaster and DPMS had separate ranges and a fourth range accommodated a three-gun course of fire designed by DPMS.


The competitors fired 10 rounds at five steel targets on the 100-yard line from the new Panther 3G1. The shooter then moved down range where he picked up a Remington 1100 TAC 4 to engage four pepper poppers that when hit catapulted a clay bird 20 feet into the air. And I actually hit one! Then on to a Bushmaster ACR where we engaged 10 zombie targets with 20 rounds; finally the last stage was bursting full auto 15 rounds from a DPMS Personal Defense Weapon on a single zombie target.


I finished next to last out of 21 competitors, but it was almost as satisfying as when I shot a VC P.O.W. through his foot as he tried to escape. But that’s another story.


I have only been able to hit the highlights of the function, which was as well organized an operation as I have seen of this nature. Special thanks to Linda Powell, Remington Manager of Press Relations, and her staff that made it happen. I undoubtedly was the only participant who really knew what went into executing a smooth event. Herding journalists is like herding cats, and she done good. I can speak with some authority to this as I, as publisher of SOF was the “buck-stops-here” guy for 23 SOF conventions.


So, thanks and a tip of the hat to the big guys and girls at Freedom Group. Keep rolling out those guns and cartridges and annoying the soft-bellied, pencil-necked liberals.




PO Box 700

Madison, NC 27025-0700




Bushmaster Firearms

999 Roosevelt Trail

Windham, ME 04062




DPMS, Inc.

3312 12th Street, SE

St. Cloud, MN 56304





PO Box 930059

Wixom, NI 49393




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