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THE NETHERLANDS INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL TRIBUNAL FOR THE FORMER YUGOSLAVIA ETHNIC CLEANSING TRIAL of Radovan Karadzic, head of the Serbian Republika Srpska, stalled again. Charged with ordering massacres in Srebrenica that killed 8000, Karadzic, representing himself, requested a 10-month extension to study millions of pages of documents. Karadzic was snatched after 13 years on the run.


LEBANON TRIED, CONVICTED, SENTENCED TO LIFE IN ABSENTIA: 11 al-Qa`ida operatives for trafficking arms between Iraq and Lebanon for terrorist attacks, and for sheltering fugitives.


UNITED STATES OHIO THREE TERRORISTS CONVICTED for training terrorists to kill U.S. soldiers in Iraq, sentenced to eight to twenty years. Defense: FBI setup. An undercover FBI informant and former Army Special Forces soldier joined the conspirators for two years, recording their plotting and training in explosives.


NEW YORK 9-11 TERROR TRIAL UPROAR—Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to be tried in a civilian court. Decision called a “travesty” orchestrated by prosecutors “chasing career-making cases like vultures at a kill.” CATCH 22—If convicted, will jihadists seek revenge? If exonerated because of U.S. legal games, complicated by claims of torture, will jihadists be encouraged to carry out more attacks? AVOIDABLE DILEMMA? Failure to act on or abuse of the U.S. Constitution, Geneva Conventions and/or Laws of War for eight years led to this explosive predicament. ILLINOIS SENTENCED TO EIGHT YEARS: Ali Saleh Kahlah -Marri, al-Qa`ida operative who attended terrorist training camps from 1998 to 2001. Al Marri, in U.S. custody

since 2001, was shifted from military custody to civilian courts.


ITALY 23 CIA, AIR FORCE COLONEL CONVICTED IN ABSENTIA for 1993 kidnapping of Abu Omar, Moslem imam, member of al-Gam’a al-Islamiyya (the Islamic Group), an  rganization dedicated  to the overthrow of the Egyptian government. AbuOmar fled from Egypt to Italy after al-Gam’a al-Islamiyya was declared illegal for murdering 60 tourists in Luxor, Egypt, in retaliation for blind cleric Abdel Rahman’s imprisonment in the United States for bombing World Trade Center and other targets. After 9/11, the Italians and CIA uncovered Abu Omar’s terrorist recruiting network. CIA SNATCHED Abu Omar, taking him to Egypt. 25 CIA agents and an Air Force colonel were prosecuted for two years for the snatching after torture claims surfaced. 22 agents were convicted in Nov. 2009, 22 CIA agents and the colonel received five-year sentences. CIA mission chief received an 8-year sentence. MAFIOSO RUSSO CLAN BROTHERS ARRESTED. Pasquale Russo, in list of top-10 mafia fugitives, had been on the run since 1993 after convictions of murder. MAFIOSO BOSS FOUND IN A TUNNEL behind a kitchen wall, armed with a Carmine 47 rifle. Brother Salvatore Russo, 51, was arrested on a farm in Naples. The 5000-member Naples Camorra mafia has terrorized 40 towns in the south Naples neighborhood.