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UNITED STATES TO SEND OR NOT TO SEND 40,000 more troops to Afghanistan—that is the question. DUNCES OF DOOMSDAY U.S. AUTHOR SUED by Canadian McMaster University in a Canadian court for his claims that terrorists are operating from the school. Paul Williams alleged on the talk show “Coast to Coast AM” in the United States and in his book Dunces of Doomsday that Islamic terrorists stole 180 pounds of nuclear material from the school’s nuclear reactor, Newscom reports.


NIGERIA NIGER DELTA STABLE, declares President, claiming that amnesty program has worked. SECURITY COUNCIL SEAT won, putting the regional power on the council through 2011.


MAURITANIA SUICIDE BOMBING A FIRST for the former French colony. Jihadists targeted French Embassy.


AFGHANISTAN EIGHT AMERICAN SOLDIERS KILLED in major firefight in Nuristan when 200 gunmen attacked outpost scheduled to be shut down. ISAF claims over 100 enemy killed in the engagement. DRUGS SEIZED – Task Force 2-1 snatched a half-ton of smack. AMERICANS HELP GUARD CHINESE business interests in country.


IRAQ AHEAD OF SCHEDULE! General Ray Odierno announces 4,000 troops will return early. CAR BOMB EXPLODES in market near Fallujah.


MALAYSIA FUGITIVE IRAQI TERRORIST NABBED by Malaysians when he tried to enter with phony passport.


BURMA APPEAL DENIED! Burmese court upholds sham trial conviction of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.


THAILAND KING’S HEALTH QUESTIONED – Thai stock market falls with concerns over the king’s health.


PAKISTAN WAZIRISTAN OFFENSIVE FIRES UP! Pakistani military moves in to take out Taliban after 100,000 flee the region. US CONGRESS APPROVES $7.5 BILLION in new aid. FIVE ATTACKS on government sites kill 39. SUICIDE BLAST near Swat Valley kills 41. HOSTAGE SITUATION ENDS with commando raid that frees 39 hostages.


INDIA PRITHVI MISSILES TESTED! Indian military carries out multiple test launches of nuclear-capable missile. CLOSER MILITARY TIES with the United States include US weapon purchases.




MEXICO 7500 DIE IN DRUG WAR IN 18 MONTHS leading up to May 2009, including 520 police and military in 2008, in spite of U.S. Mérida Initiative, a three-year, $1.6 billion aid package designed to curb drug trafficking, Center for Latin American Studies reports. RECORD DRUG HAUL! 37 tons of meth precursors seized.


HONDURAS STILL DEADLOCKED! Talks between constitutional government and deposed would-be dictator stalled. ZELAYA MUST RETURN, declares former Foreign Minister Patricia Rodas.


ARGENTINA LAME-DUCK SENATE PASSES MEDIA BILL targeting opposition media. Victory for President Cristina Fernandez.


BRAZIL SOUTH AMERICAN REGIONAL POWER WINS long sought seat on UN Security Council. STEP DOWN, Lula tells constitutional government of Honduras.


GUINEA 150 UNARMED PROTESTORS KILLED, over 1,000 injured, women raped by security forces at demonstration against the candidacy of ruling junta leader Moussa Dadis Camara in the 2010 presidential elections. DEAL WITH CHINA to provide oil and minerals assailed by opposition. EU and opposition SEEK ICC CHARGES over crackdown.


JAPAN NO AID until North Korea acts on nuclear weapons.


NORTH KOREA CONDITIONS APPLY for a return to nuclear talks. MORE MISSILE TESTS carried out.


RUSSIA IRAN SANCTIONS PREMATURE, says Prime Minister Putin, adding there is no need to frighten Iran. BILLIONS IN DEALS made with Communist China.


CHINA RIOTERS TO DIE! ChiCom courts hand down death sentences for some involved in July 2009 riots in Xinjiang.


TAIWAN LARGEST ARMS-RUNNING BUST. Fishing boat from Philippines loaded with illegal weapons—including submachine guns and grenades—seized.


SUDAN USAID WORKER’S KILLERS TO DIE. Four men responsible for killing American diplomat to hang. U.S. BUDDIES UP with President al-Bashir, wanted by the International Criminal Court for genocide in Darfur. 300,000 have been killed in the six-year conflict, nearly three million displaced.


LAOS HMONG REFUGEES ATTACKED in Thailand by Army, which seeks to force their return to Laos, where they face genocide.


UNITED KINGDOM MI5 REFUSES TO PRODUCE TORTURE DOCUMENTS, defying a court ruling that granted a former Guantanamo terror suspect’s request for making the C.I.A. documents public.


AUSTRALIA FIVE CONVICTED for plotting terrorist attacks to protest the deployment of Australian troops to Iraq and Afghanistan. The largest terror plot on record, hatched in 2004–5, included stockpiling bombs and weapons.


IRAN “SOLDIERS OF GOD,” aka JUNDALLAH SUICIDE BOMBER SLAUGHTERS five Revolutionary Guard Commanders and 30 others. The bomber, a member of the Sunni rebel Jundallah group, blew himself up in the southeast rebel region bordering Pakistan.


ITALY BOMBER ATTACKS MILITARY BARRACKS IN MILAN, injuring one. Diligent guard preempted a large scale attack.


YEMEN IRAN DENIES YEMENI CHARGES THAT IT IS SUPPORTING Shia Al-Houthi rebels in the North. Twelve rebels sentenced to death. 150,000 left homeless since the insurgency launched, Medialine News reports. 59 REBELS KILLED in recent



SAUDI ARABIA THE PRINCE GOES TO SYRIA to plan Saudi–Syrian cooperation on Arab unity, including supporting Yemen’s push to end its violent insurgency. THE CHILLING OF THE THAW between the two for the first time since 2005 called for exchange of ambassadors, Lebanon stability and telling the world to butt out of Iraq’s affairs.


FRANCE ATTACK ON NUCLEAR FACILITIES feared as intelligence officers arrest a physicist working at CERN, Europe’s number one sub-atomic physics lab in Switzerland. 18-month surveillance netted evidence that suspect was providing a list of targets to Islamic radicals, Timesonline reports.


NETHERLANDS MURDEROUS DICTATOR CHARLES TAYLOR denied charges at Hague Special Tribunal for Sierra Leone that he had ordered Sierra Leonean rebel forces to attack the country’s capital, Freetown, and to free the country’s rebel leader from jail in 1999. CHARGES OF CANNIBALISM AND RITUAL SACRIFICE ARE “RACISM” he said.