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IJC Operational Update, Dec. 30

Printer Friendly VersionPrinter Friendly VersionSend to a FriendSend to a FriendPartnered forces killed several insurgents while responding to an attack against Afghan national army soldiers and Afghan national police in the Baghlan Jadid District of Baghlan province yesterday. The initial insurgent attack left two Afghan national service members dead and several wounded. No civilians or international forces were injured or killed. In other operations, ISAF forces while on patrol in the Reg-e-Khan-Neshin District of Helmand province detained several insurgents and seized 15 RPGs, three hand grenades, a machine gun with 500 rounds of ammunition, six handheld radios and a satellite phone, and five jihad manuals. In Kandahar yesterday, ISAF and ANP forces safely detonated a Russian 500-pound bomb. No Afghan citizens were harmed during any of the operations. Herat PRT builds for success in Afghan west Local officials inaugurated an Afghan border police non-commissioned officer training facility this morning in a ceremony at the Regional Afghan Border Police Headquarters in Herat. The partnered project led by the Italian Herat Provincial Reconstruction Team was constructed entirely by local workers. The facility is expected to train up to 400 border police at a time. Two new professional training centers are also being built in Koshan and Injil Districts of Herat province. The partnered construction projects between the Herat PRT and the Herat Social Department are expected to expand job opportunities in the province. Both projects opened with ceremonial stone layings attended by local leaders and residents. Construction also began on a new 10-room girls school in Seyawashan village in Ghozara District. The project kicked off with a ceremonial stone laying attended by the governor of Herat and followed the reopening of a newly refurbished school nearby. That project completely renovated the school and included a new roof, doors, windows, walls, desks and other school furniture. Three thousand students are expected to use the school. Both partnered projects were led by the Italian PRT. For photos of these projects see www.prteam.esercito.difesa.it or www.nato.int/isaf ISAF Casualty The one ISAF fatality in the last 24 hours was previously announced in IJC news release 2009-12-CA-090.