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It is my hope you might explore why the Obama administration dragged its feet—is dragging its feet—to make the right choice in Afghanistan. This comes at a time when the Pakistan Army is giving the Taliban and al-Qaeda a big push. Given the nature of the cross-border hostilities, I would have thought this the most opportune time to destroy our enemies.


It is of great concern to me as I am a Christian Zionist. The president is now having our nation represented at the J-Street Conference by no less a figure than General Jim Jones. This organization is decidedly lacking in Zionist participation, although it claims to be representative of Jewish people.


What the hell did Obama promise to be awarded the “Nobel Peace Prize”? Or is it for what he is not going to do in the future?


Terry Staub


Obama pushed the decision to after Thanksgiving. It is hard to see how they can claim to support the troops when McChrystal’s being jerked around on his request for reinforcements by the White House. – Ed.



I am a retired USAF Vietnam veteran, an NRA Life Member for 48 years, and an avid subscriber to SOF magazine. I am also a rabid fan of the .45 ACP cartridge and 1911-type pistols for almost any conceivable use. I have been a Para-Ord devotee since before they made complete guns, boasting a P-14 hi-cap frame mounted to my DCM-provided Remington-Rand 1911A1 components.


I have four more double-stack Paras plus nine other handguns and a Marlin Camp Carbine in .45 ACP. I read everything that I come across regarding Paras, so your “G.I. EXPERT” article on page 68 of the December 2009 SOF issue got my immediate attention. The photo of author Gary Paul Johnston in the firing position shows the hammer back. The article led me to believe that the trigger pull met Jeff Cooper’s requirement for “a crisp let-off of 4 pounds.” All seemed great until the final specs on page 74 gave its operational characteristics as “Browning short recoil, semi-automatic, double action only.” Having seen no other reference to the double action function in the write-up, the hammer- back photo and a 4-pound trigger on a DAO sounded inconsistent and too good to be true. I went to Para’s website and found that, in fact, the G.I. EXPERT is a standard Para single action and not their excellent LDA design.


Keep up the great work; I look forward eagerly to each monthly issue!


Best Regards,

Julio W. Seibel

Captain USAF Ret’d


Thanks for reading SOF! We regret the error. – Ed.



By enacting the AB-962 ammunition registration bill into law, EVERY California legislator who voted yes, and its governor, exposed their massive ignorance of law. Consider:

• They ignored earlier federal ammo registration’s huge waste of man-hours and dollars that produced NO benefits.

• AB-962 violates California’s Preemption Law.

• It is de facto registration of GUN OWNERS and of FIREARMS (by caliber only).

• SCOTUS said the Fifth Amendment protects FELONS from having to register firearms, or having unregistered firearms (Haynes v. United States, 390 US 85, 100 (1968)). This clearly would apply equally to ammunition.

• It’s ABOMINABLE that government imposes laws that only good citizens must obey, and FELONS can safely ignore!

With a stop watch, I clocked time spent by staff and customers at just one gun store registering or waiting in line to register ammo under that previous federal ammo registration bill. If typical, that represented millions of wasted man-hours nationwide. I witnessed one man, about 60, denied the right to buy a box of .22s because he had no document showing he was over 18.


What absurd travesties witless lawmakers inflict upon us!


Fielding Greaves

Lt Col, U. S. Army, Retired


Yes, the bill is absurd. Sadly, anti-gun candidates seem to be winning in California all too often. Elections have consequences. To make sure further anti-gun legislation cannot pass, JOIN THE NRA, SUPPORT NRA-PVF, AND ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO DO SO!!!! – Ed.



Yes, SOF magazine is encouraging use of public libraries. The article on the Bay of Pigs in the October 2009 issue of SOF magazine encouraged me to go to my local public library, for the article listed three books about the Bay of Pigs. I found one of them, Bay of Pigs the Leaders’ Stories, at my local public library. Very interesting book.


I am always interested in SOF magazine’s recommendations on military history books to read.


George King

Evanston, IL


Thanks – although can’t you also encourage your public library to subscribe to SOF? – Ed.



Silencers (sound suppressors) work pretty well with semiauto pistols. But perhaps hundreds of times, or more, Hollywood crime films have shown (and probably will continue to show) a thug with a silencer on his revolver; and gun-ignorant authors have on occasion written such claptrap.


As a pro-gun nitpicker, I like to needle authors about such errors, suggesting that they check with a gun-owner friend, or even better, an NRA member, to learn firearm facts before writing a firearm into their stories. Like the one who put the safety on before holstering his S&W K-38 revolver (it has none). Or the one who habitually chambered a round in his 1911 .45, then carefully lowered the hammer and put the safety on (an impossible task). Or perhaps worst of all, the newspaper reporter who said the thug was armed with a 380mm pistol. That’s a fair bit larger bore diameter than the 280mm bore—a bit over 11 inches—of the atomic cannon in my 216th Field Artillery Battalion at Fort Sill in the mid-1950s.


So that you may have a tool with which to disabuse the gun-ignorant on the silencer issue, you will find attached a useful picture that was a feature spread in Guns & Ammo magazine in February 1987 or (I think more likely) 1997, but I’m unable to read it clearly. The flash and smoke from the forward end of the revolver cylinder would have about as much sound as that at the muzzle end, thus negating any benefit from a silencer at the muzzle.





Hollywood and guns… well, let’s just say they don’t exactly get things right. It is amazing to see some of the stuff they pass off as fact – like the way James Bond fires a hundred-plus rounds from an AKSU-74 without changing the magazines. – Ed.


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