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I have the following report from a close friend in El Salvador. Within two months after the election of the communist FMLN and ex-CNN reporter, Mauricio Funes, to the presidency of that nation, the FMLN removed all of the higher personnel of the Policia Nacional Civil and all other federal agencies and replaced them with personnel from the FMLN. The new Justice and Public Safety Minister was involved in the murders of the Marines from the United States Embassy in the early 1980s in the Zona Rosa nightclub/restaurant area.


The Salvadoran legislature has not yet elected a new attorney general, but it’s safe to expect that he will be a communist. This is a typical pattern whenever the communists take control of a country in Central America. They always move first to take control of the police and then subsequently the armed forces.


So, we won in El Salvador, but subsequently lost the peace. The election in the United States of the far-left black Lenin, Barack Obama, was very much a factor in the Salvadoran elections this past March. I spent 25 years of my life going to El Salvador to help their army’s special operations units and the National Police. That has all been flushed down the drain. You don’t need to ask if I’m bitter, angry and deeply saddened by this.


How terribly, horribly tragic.


Peter G. Kokalis

Former Technical Editor,

Soldier Of Fortune magazine


Yes, it is tragic, but there is hope if the people of El Salvador wake up. – Ed.



Greetings from El Salvador. Finally, I am starting to feel better, Americans are awakening, I regret that my family and I couldn’t be there at the tea party in Washington, but I support you 100 percent. Finally the real American people, the ones that with their tenacious work, perseverance and honesty made that country so great, are starting to respond.


God Bless America!

Al Mont



Please take the time to view these links and see what the Lao and Vietnamese military forces are doing to the defenseless Hmong population in Laos. They recently used a two-year-old baby girl for target practice after dismembering her first.




Also, Vietnamese soldiers killed during operations against the Hmong in Northern Laos.




It’s about time people started to listen, read and stop turning a blind eye to this genocide.


Regards to all,

Ross Milosevic


It does look bad for the Hmong – and certainly makes dismissal of the charges against General Vang Pao a bittersweet success. It is appalling that the Hmong are going through this. Even more appalling is that a Vietnam veteran like James Webb coddles dictatorships like those in Laos and Burma. – Ed.



I think that this will interest you.


The British Territorial Army has to stop training!


The Territorial Army has been told it must temporarily halt training due to severe pressure on government finances.


Drill-hall instruction, weekend exercises and all other TA training are to stop for six months, resulting in savings of about £20 million.




Marcus McWhirter


You’d think that they could find 20 million pounds of waste to cut elsewhere in the budget. Guess politicians are the same across the globe – always stiffing the troops. – Ed.