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COMMAND GUIDANCE: Smoke and Mirrors

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In the November, 2009 issue of SOF, former NRA attorney and POW James Warner described how the anti-gunners have misrepresented certain semi-automatic firearms. Second Amendment attorney Bob Sanders provides some additional insight into the issue. – Ed.


Many read with interest Jim Warners’s recent SOF article: “Assault Rifle Ban on the Horizon – Here We Go Again.” It was a carefully crafted and well-documented piece concerning liberals’ fascination with and fear of assault weapons. Indeed, Mr. Warner is correct that here we go again, with talk of restoring and making permanent a ban on these weapons.


Implicit in the article is a truth well demonstrated throughout history; i.e., if something is stated often and vehemently enough, for many naive citizens it transforms itself into an accepted truth. This is a device that produces fear and demonstrates a type of mind control. However, discerning liberals – if there are any – tend to overlook two essential facts: (1) Because assault weapons look like machine guns (a socially unacceptable term in the liberal vernacular) does not mean that these firearms are machine guns; (2) banning assault weapons would have little impact on our public safety.


These are strange times, where terror attacks in the U.S. are a real danger, as evidenced by a recent arrest of a suspect who purportedly tried to blow up buildings in one of our major cities. Unfortunately, “man-made disasters” (a new watered-down Homeland Security term of art) are a much greater potential threat to our country than assault weapons, albeit a threat that now receives minimal attention from government or the liberal press.


As Jim’s article reminds us, the assault weapon argument is a technical issue – one not understood by many; but one that nevertheless evokes rancor and emotional ardor in those of us who watch our rights obliterated and/or replaced by a government whose tentacles are now extending into all facets of our lives. The main difference between the assault weapon ban today, compared to that topic as it was aired earlier, is that it has become one element of a federal government posture to seriously affect our freedoms – Second Amendment and many others.


The author, Bob Sanders, a current board member of the NRA, was recently nominated by the board’s nominating committee as a candidate for the 2010 board. He is a Life member of the NRA. With 24 years of federal law enforcement experience with the U.S. Department of Treasury, he understands the great potential for misuse of federal power against gun owners. He defends gun owners, importers and manufacturers.