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A New Year's Message from Oliver North

Printer Friendly VersionPrinter Friendly VersionSend to a FriendSend to a FriendFor most of us, the end of one year and the beginning of another is a time to reflect on the past and make resolutions for the future.  This past year, my FOX News team and I were embedded with America’s finest: the men and women of our Armed Forces, during our 16th trip to report on the fight against radical Islamic terror. It has been my great blessing to have spent most of my life in the company of real American heroes, all our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Guardsmen and Marines – like the ones you see pictured on this page – who leave their families and risk their lives to keep America safe, strong and free. For these heroes and their families, I come to you with an urgent and humble request. Please open your heart with an urgently-needed year-end tax-deductible contribution to support Freedom Alliance today. Nearly 20 years ago, I founded FREEDOM ALLIANCE with the mission of honoring, thanking, and supporting our troops. We at Freedom Alliance work every day to ensure that today’s Veterans of the War on Terror are thanked and respected for their courage and their sacrifice. During the past year, thanks to so many generous Americans who support our mission, Freedom Alliance touched the lives of more than 17,000 brave soldiers, sailors, airmen, guardsmen and Marines and their families. On behalf of a grateful nation, we thanked, honored and supported thousands of our wounded troops in military hospitals including Bethesda Naval Medical Center and Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., and Warrior Transition Units all across America, including those at Brooke Army Medical Center, Texas; Fort Riley, Kansas; Fort Carson, Colorado; Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii and many, many more. Freedom Alliance once again this year shipped thousands of pounds of "Gifts from Home" care packages to our servicemen and women who are putting their very lives on the line, fighting the War on Terror, far away from those they love and their dear homeland. In addition, the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund awarded a record number of educational scholarships this year to 200 young Americans - the sons and daughters of our military heroes - to help make their dream of a college education come true and to remind them that their parents’ sacrifice will never be forgotten by a grateful nation. All we are able to provide to, and for, our Armed Forces and their families, is due to the generous spirit of so many patriotic Americans who love our country and those who defend our freedom. Please help Freedom Alliance continue our charitable and humanitarian efforts with your most generous year-end, tax-deductible contribution. We are counting on your help today. Please make your most generous gift to Freedom Alliance by GOING HERE. In appreciation for your gift of $25 or more, we will send you the full color 2010 Freedom Alliance Calendar, which is overflowing with more than 50 beautiful photos showing how much the generous support of people like you has touched and transformed the lives of so many brave American Heroes. During the coming NEW YEAR, 2010, I invite you to join with us as Freedom Alliance celebrates our 20th Anniversary – "Twenty Years of Defending Liberty and Honoring Heroes!" On our 20th Anniversary, Freedom Alliance is re-dedicating and redoubling our efforts on behalf of: "The selfless men and women who serve our nation with bravery and distinction and to their loved ones, who stand by their side each day. A grateful nation thanks you." Please make your most generous YEAR-END gift to Freedom Alliance today by GOING HERE. Your contribution is a special way to support, honor and thank our brave defenders of freedom, who risk their lives every minute of every day, because they love our country and want to secure the blessings of liberty for our country and our families – now, and for evermore. REMEMBER, our brave men and women fighting the War on Terror are still in harm’s way in Iraq and Afghanistan and more troops are heading there now and into 2010. They need and they deserve our support, prayers and appreciation. Your tax-deductible contribution today will help us send more care packages overseas to soldiers like PFC Brian, who recently wrote us this note from Iraq:

"I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s always nice to know there are people who care about us and what we do. We do all we can out here to fight for freedom. Your heartfelt cards and packages remind us that there are things in life worth fighting for and that we will continue to do whatever we can. So once again, thank you very much."

PLEASE GO HERE to make your gift today to FREEDOM ALLIANCE. If you make your gift today, it will count as a tax-deductible contribution in 2009. To say thanks, for an unrestricted gift of $25 or more, we will send you one of our colorful, full-size 2010 Calendars, which marks our upcoming 20th Anniversary Celebration during all of 2010! FREEDOM ALLIANCE IS COUNTING ON YOUR SUPPORT as we work together to secure the blessings of liberty now and for future generations. All of us here at Freedom Alliance wish you and your family a very Happy New Year. Semper Fidelis , LtCol Oliver North, USMC (Ret.) Founder and Honorary Chairman P.S. Please open your heart, by GOING HERE, with your generous and urgently-needed gift to ensure that our noble cause will continue for many, many years to come.