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Laghman NDS Officials Arrest IED Facilitator

Printer Friendly VersionPrinter Friendly VersionSend to a FriendSend to a FriendLaghman National Directorate of Security officials arrested Qari Asadullah, a known Haqqani Network member, for possessing improvised explosive device-making materials in his home in Ja'alam village in the Alingar valley of Laghman province, Afghanistan, Nov. 5. Asadullah, a former sub-governor for Surk and Nangarhar provinces during the Taliban regime, is known to be an IED facilitator and builder operating in Laghman province. This was the first of arrests made in Laghman by the NDS, who is under the direction of a new chief, Gen. Maraud. Four other individuals, who were suspected of being involved in a Nov. 4 IED event, were also arrested. The NDS is working to determine if Asadullah was responsible for the destruction of coalition vehicles, based on the size of the components found in that attack. The information for the case was passed to the provincial Rule of Law department for follow-up within the Laghman criminal justice system. Asadullah seemed willing to cooperate with NDS for further investigations. This event, which was heavily covered by local media, demonstrates the NDS and Afghan national security forces ability to protect the population through good police work, and is expected to slow IED activity in the Alingar District.