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Iraqi, US forces detain car bomb suspects

Printer Friendly VersionPrinter Friendly VersionSend to a FriendSend to a FriendIraqi Security Forces arrested 13 people yesterday during three operations in connection with car-bomb networks between Baghdad and Kirkuk, military officials reported. Working with U.S. advisors, an Iraqi unit arrested a suspected member of a vehicle-bomb network in southern Kirkuk. A warrant accuses the suspect of being linked to network members associated with June 20 bombings in Taza that killed more than 90 people. During the operation, the Iraqi unit arrested a second man based on information found at the scene. In a separate operation about 55 miles northeast of Baghdad, Iraqi Police arrested two people on warrants after searching a building for a suspected financial associate of al-Qaeda in Iraq's (AQI) Diyala-based vehicle-bomb network. In a third operation, a combined force searched several buildings near Abu Ghraib for a man suspected of manufacturing vehicle-borne explosives for AQI. During questioning, nine people were arrested based on statements made to the security team connecting them to the AQI network suspect. Also yesterday, Iraqi forces arrested two people during a combined search of a suspected terrorist safe-house in northern Baghdad. Iraqi forces, with U.S. advisors, searched a building in a northern Baghdad neighborhood allegedly used to house Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist members. Based on evidence found at the scene, the security team arrested two people suspected of acquiring illegal weapons for and financing Lebanese Hezbollah operations.