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Generals respond to insurgent attack

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Wounded Afghan civilians, who were attacked by insurgents while in the Tagab market in Kapisa province yesterday, were reassured the Afghan National Army will find the insurgent responsible.
"I promise you all and the Afghan people, we (the Afghan National Army) will meet the insurgent, really soon," said General Paikan Zamaray, 3rd Brigade, 201st Afghan National Army Corps Commander, during a press conference here today. The insurgent attack took place Nov. 16, and according to General Zamaray, 13 civilians were killed and 38 wounded when an insurgent fired a rocket into the market from a village 6.5 kilometers away. All killed and wounded were civilians, including women and children. "The wounded civilians are exhausted and shocked because they didn't understand what happened, and they are recovering and healing," said French Brig. Gen. Marcel Druart, Task Force Lafayette Commander. "And the families are down and upset." After the attack, the wounded civilians were taken to two military medical treatment facilities, one at Bagram Airfield and the other at the North Kabul International Airport military compound. Zamaray said the insurgent's goal was to disrupt a shura, or meeting, between the ANA, Afghan National Police, the provincial high level official and ISAF. The main objectives of the shura were to find better ways to protect the people, provide any assistance the elders need in the area and how the Afghan government can maximize its effectiveness. "It's evident there is a feeling of injustice and anger, [amongst the people], particularly with an attack during a shura meeting, which naturally has an immunity [to attack]," Druart said. "The insurgents attacked the population, and especially the council, which is neutral in Afghan culture. With those two enemy acts, the population approves of ISAF presence and actions." As for the outcome of the meeting, Druart said "the meeting ended on very good terms. Local leaders thanked us for our actions regarding the wounded and families."