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UNITED STATES NO LONG-RANGE MISSILE DEFENSE, Obama administration declares. Officials sent to Poland and Czech Republic to pull the rug out from American allies on 70th anniversary of Soviet invasion of Poland. 1 MILLION+ PROTEST OBAMA at 9-12 March on Washington. STOP WITCHHUNT, seven former CIA directors urge Obama. TERROR PLOT THWARTED! FBI aids breakup of plot that was possibly targeting New York subways similar to the 2004 Madrid bombings. CHARGES DISMISSED! General Vang Pao no longer at risk due to incompetent, mindless ATF sting. Charges against other defendants still pending.


CZECH REPUBLIC MIDNIGHT CALL to prime minister announced the cancellation of the radar station planned in Bush’s missile defense system.


UKRAINE NO NATO MEMBERSHIP for former Soviet republic any time soon until the political and military situations stabilize.


PORTUGAL THE MYSTERY OF THE ARCTIC SEAWhere is the 4,000-ton freighter flying a Maltese flag, operated by a Finnish shipping line, last seen near Portugal, with a crew of 15 Russians? Was it piracy, guns/weapons running, or something more sinister?


COLOMBIA THIRD TERM FOR PRESIDENT URIBE? Push is on for constitutional amendment to allow additional re-election runs. MEANWHILE, FARC LIVES ON, AND DRUGS FLOW FREELY. Left-wingers upset because the U.S. military is going to utilize Colombian bases.


VENEZUELA HUGO’S BUYING MISSILES! Russians sell Venezuelan dictator 100 missiles. WANTED!! Iskander, T-72 and T-90 main battle tanks. I’LL SHOOT DOWN DRUG PLANES if you think I am non-cooperative in the War on Drugs, he tells Obama, adding that U.S. drug use is the primary drug trafficking problem. LET’S TALK NUKES, Hugo says to buddy Ahmadinejad.


GEORGIA EMBARGO-BUSTER RELEASED! Turkish tanker captain shipping fuel to rebel Abkhazia and sentenced to 24 years in prison is freed after a measly $18,000 fine is paid. GLOBAL TROUBLEMAKER HUGO CHAVEZ recognized breakaway Abkhazia and South Ossetia.


EQUADOR U.S. MILTARY LEASE FOR BASE at Manta for counter-narcotics operation will not be renewed, left winger President Rafael Correa said, reports The Guardian.


BURMA DRUG SEIZURE! Burmese military seizes tens of thousands of pills near Chinese border. POLITICAL CRACKDOWN puts activists in the slammer. CONVICTION APPEAL filed by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.


ARGENTINA MEDIA CONTROL BILL passed by lame-duck lower house. President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner wants to shut down criticism.


MEXICO HIJACKING DRAMA! Bolivian hijacks Mexican airliner, later surrenders. All passengers and crew are safe.


ZIMBABWE CIVIL WAR ON THE HORIZON? Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) celebrates its 10-year anniversary, promises “change,” and begins the end of the unity government with Mugabe’s ZANU-PF. SHOWDOWN AS MUGABE SEIZES ASSETS OF RICH MEIKLES GROUP under “anti-corruption law.” MDC goes ballistic at confiscation of private companies.


RUSSIA ISKANDER MISSILE DEPLOYMENT CANNED after Obama scraps American missile defense system in Europe. NUKE ARMS TREATY negotiations continue. 1939 Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact between Stalin and Hitler, considered as one trigger of WWII, was “immoral,” Putin said half-heartedly, as he accepted invitation in Poland to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the start of the war


POLAND WE WERE BETRAYED!! Poles and Czechs, feeling marginalized, lash out at Obama decision to cancel missile defense on the 70th anniversary of Russia’s invasion. COLD SHOULDER – Hillary’s call refused by Polish Prime Minister, shocked by “unilateral” announcement. Negotiations for smaller missile deployment continue.


NIGERIA PUT DOWN YOUR ARMS!!— government orders rebels. SECURITY INCREASED in the Niger Delta as cease fire nears end.


PAKISTAN TALIBAN COMMANDER ARRESTED in Swat Valley. BOMB KILLS 25 in market near Kohat. PAKISTANI FORCES kill 22 militants, decimate three hideouts in Khyber region. GOVERNMENT ATTACK in Khyber region takes out 43 militants.


THAILAND RAMADAN MONTH BLOODIEST of the year, as murderous violence kills a dozen Muslims and Buddhists. Nearly 4000 have been killed since 2004 when insurgency lit up.




LIBYA STRONGMAN GADDAFI CELEBRATES 40 YEARS of rule since his successful coup. CONVICTED LOCKERBIE BOMBER posts documents he claims will prove his innocence.


EGYPT TEN SMUGGLING TUNNELS DESTROYED after captured smuggler squeals. Tunnels funnel weapons and international supplies to Gaza, under Hamas control, AFP reports.


AFGHANISTAN KARZAI APPARENT WINNER of fraud -ridden presidential election. 16 KILLED in car bomb attack on Italian convoy in Kabul. MORE TROOPS OR FAIL—Frustrated U.S. commander, facing likely failure in complex tribal and drug warfare, may quit if Obama denies request for more troops.


INDONESIA NOORDIN CHIEF DEAD, ANOTHER KEY BOMB-MAKER BAGGED. National Police raid iced the mastermind of the Jakarta hotel bombings that killed seven.


JAPAN ELECTION LANDSIDE sweeps Democratic Party of Japan into power.


NORTH KOREA WE’LL TALK, North Koreans respond to American offer of bilateral talks.


CHINA CITY LEADER FIRED after massive protests. ADVANCED CHICOM WEAPONS could undermine U.S. power balance, warns SECDEF Gates.


INDIA FIGHTING WORDS WITH CHICOMS after India accuses PLA of helicopter incursion into Indian air space. ChiComs deny claim.


UNITED ARAB EMIRATES TIGHT LID on terror bust in moderate Persian Gulf country.


IRAN IRANIAN OPPOSITION RAIDED by security forces on orders from Revolutionary Guards and hardline clerics. SAME OLD BRAVADO from Ahmadinejad – who says Israel will be destroyed.


HONDURAS VISA REVOKED! De jure Honduran president denied entry into the United States as Obama administration increases pressure, cuts aid on behalf of exiled president Zelaya. EXILED EX-PRESIDENT RETURNS


TAIWAN LIFE IN PRISON for former President convicted of corruption.


SOMALIA MURDER–SUICIDE BOMBING aimed at AU peacekeepers kills 21. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE, al-Shabab warns Djibouti. WE WILL SEEK REVENGE, Al-Shabab tells U.S. after special forces helicopter raid killed the group’s chief. Dead terrorist was responsible for attacks on U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tunisia.