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You people really should do some investigation before you print such [nonsense].


I am a 4-year veteran, USMC, two tours in Viet Nam. Several awards and citations…and I wouldn’t read your rag if it was free.


Now please tell me again how Bozo Joke and his Goons are upholding the law.


Very simple, all you brain-dead Bozo Joe supporters. I defy you to prove any of these [Phoenix New Times] stories wrong.


Jim Cozzolino


First of all, thank you for your service to our country. It was to give the marginalized Vietnam Vet a voice that SOF was first published in the mid 1970s. If you have not read the SOF series of articles, which judging by your response you did not, please let us know and we will forward them to you. We read the link you sent us to Phoenix New Times. I had read all of the articles by that author before writing the series.


His articles blasting Sheriff Joe and now SOF, whose history he knows nothing of except from bad writers like himself who regurgitate vitriol, was not what I considered a news source. His ugly, abrasive, subjective, style of personal and vicious attacks is not what I could consider journalism.


Frankly, I figured that he must have spend a few days in pink underwear and pink handcuffs in Sheriff Joe’s jail after I read his obsessive “news”. Unfortunately, vicious diatribes that cloud our media have become the order of the day for both conservatives and liberals. The beauty of the United States is that we still maintain a semblance of freedom of speech, although limited by far too many “political correctness” restrictions. May we never lose that freedom!


Dr. Martin Brass



I noticed that SOF magazine has an article on Sheriff Arpaio. Good. He has done great things. I have tried to locate his address, e mail or snail mail, to request an autographed photo of him. I can’t find any.





Google up Sheriff Joe’s Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to contact his public relations personnel. I have no idea whether they will honor your request, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. – RKB


As we go to press, Jari has reported he has received the requested photo.



Thanks for reporting on such a great American law enforcement leader! On 27 October, 2008, on the steps of the Arizona State Capitol, the National Veterans Coalition (NVC) proudly and personally presented Sheriff Joe Arpaio (a U.S. Army Korean War vet) the “America First Award,” for putting America First and standing up to illegal immigration in Maricopa County.


At that same time, the NVC sponsored a “Support Sheriff Joe Arpaio Rally and March” at the State Capitol. Veterans, families and friends came to this rally from near and far (many came from out of state) to show their support.


The NVC was founded by Charles Jones, III, Brig. Gen., USAF (Ret.). The NVC is the veterans’ arm of the Constitution Party, the third-largest political party in America and the fastest growing political party in America today.


‘Defensor Fortis’...

Larry Breazeale, MSgt. (ret.) USAF Security Forces,

Nat. Chairman, NVC, Deputy Sheriff, LASD, retired,

Vietnam/Desert Storm veteran


It is good to see that Sheriff Arpaio is getting support. – Ed.



Great article on the Combat Lifesaver Training for the troops. As a medic I always had a good time teaching the course, and most importantly was greatly relieved to arrive on scene with the patient(s) already stabilized with an IV/bandages and so forth. To the soldiers, if you haven’t yet volunteered for the CLS course, then get on it; you and your battle buddies will be glad you did!


Mike Krueger


It really was a no-brainer to run this article. It is almost inexcusable for a soldier to die because he (or she) and his (or her) buddies do not have the training to save lives. – Ed.