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IRAN TEHRAN SPRING? Massive protests follow charges of the rigged re-election of fanatic Ahmadinejad, backed by the ancient supreme leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, over the moderate Mousavi. TWEETS FOR FREEDOM… TYRANNY CAN’T HIDE from the new electronic age of Twitter and Facebook—or can it? Are the great leaders using electronic transmissions as weapons against the electronically equipped demonstrators?


YEMEN COWARDLY MURDEROUS KIDNAPPERS EXECUTE NINE AID WORKERS after allegedly being ordered by al-Qaida’s #2 man in Yemen, a previous Gitmo inmate.


FRANCE PARIS “PEACEFUL” NUCLEAR ENERGY talks go forward with the Kingdom of Saudi. U.S. had reportedly already entered similar negotiations, FreeRepublic.com reports.


IRAQ VIOLENCE PRECURSOR OF TURF CIVIL WAR as U.S. troops prepared to withdraw? SEVENTY SLAUGHTERED, 182 WOUNDED, most of the victims are the minority Turkmen in their oil rich region of Kurdistan.

BOMBING KILLS 50 as deadline for American withdrawal from cities nears.


PAKISTAN OFFENSIVE AGAINST TALIBAN rages on – with at least 32 militants killed in one battle.  SUSPECTED DRONE STRIKE kills nine more militants. TERRORIST SUSPECT FREED! Alleged founder of Jamaat-ud-Dawa, the front for Lashkhar-e-Taiba, set free by court.


SOMALIA AL-SHABAB SECURITY MINISTER, DIPLOMAT KILLED in suicide bombing. SEND MILITARY AID, Speaker of Parliament urges allies. DON’T YOU DARE SEND TROOPS, Harakat Al-shabab Mujahideen warn neighboring countries.


ZIMBABWE MR. TSVANGIRAI GOES TO WASHINGTON! PM and leader of Zimbabwean opposition to Mugabe secured pledge for $73 million in aid from Obama administration.


SUDAN GENOCIDE UNABATED as Bashir, supported by Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, evades International Criminal Court warrant.


LIBYA QADDAFI LASHES OUT at the United States, comparing 1986 raid ordered by Reagan to 9/11. Never mind the reason for the raid—the Libyan strongman’s role in the West Berlin disco bombing that killed Army Sgt. Kenneth Ford.


GEORGIA UN MISSION ENDS after Russia casts Security Council veto. SEPARATISTS LEAD in election in South Ossetia.


AFGHANISTAN LIMIT AIRSTRIKES TO SELF DEFENSE! orders new commander General Stanley McChrystal in response to local outrage at civilian casualties. ALMOST GOT HIM! U.S. operation just misses taking out Taliban warlord known as Mullah Mustafa.


INDIA MILITARY ATTACKS LAUNCHED against Maoist rebels who seized villages in West Bengal. PROTEST IN KASHMIR broken up with tear gas and gunfire.


NORTH KOREA SHOVE IT, LEADERS TELL U.S., U.N. after sanctions were imposed following latest nuclear test. LAUNCH AGAINST HAWAII planned for July 4, according to Japanese intelligence. USS JOHN MCCAIN sent to intercept possible weapons shipment after leaders filling in for dying Kim Jong Il warn U.S. that they have nukes.


CHINA CHICOM SUB damages towed array of USS John McCain in latest incident at sea. CRISIS IS YOUR FAULT, OH GREAT CAPITALIST, who has launched us into a near Great Depression, ChiCom Foreign Ministry tells U. S. GREAT FIREWALL ACTIVATED as anniversary of Tiananmen Square massacre arrives.


ISRAEL PALESTINIAN STATE IS CONDITIONAL, Netanyahu tells Arab world. First, recognize Israel as a Jewish state, then demilitarize Palestine indefinitely. GO BLOW, respond the Palestinians, seeing the gesture as a permanent legal disarmament, rendering them helpless.


UNITED STATES BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS TO BE SMUGGLED via tunnels on the Mexico border, al Qaeda recruiter threatens in a video: “Four pounds of anthrax guaranteed to kill 330,000 Americans within a single hour if it is properly spread in population centers there,” the Washington Times reports. Experts fear al Qaida and Hezbollah ties with drug cartels in South America, Central America and Mexico. ATTACKERS ON THE LOOSE Antiabortion radical shot abortionist George Tiller dead in Wichita church. American-born Muslim jihadist, believed to have been trained by Salafis in Yemen, killed one soldier, wounded another in drive-by shooting at Army recruiting station in Little Rock. White supremacist attacked the Holocaust museum in Washington, DC, killing a security guard. CUBAN SPIES BUSTED – elderly couple, one on Uncle Sam’s payroll, had carried out espionage for decades, traveling to Cuba, Mexico, Brazil and throughout the South American continent, compromising U.S. security.


NIGERIA MULTIPLE OIL FACILITIES ATTACKED, halting oil production. Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, known as gun-toting oil-theft gangsters, held responsible. SHAMELESS, GREEDY CHICOMS SEND PHONY MALARIA MEDICINE, stamped “made in India” in plans to exploit the poor, malaria-infested areas. Locals avoid “made in China” labels.


TUVALU SOS, tiny Pacific island nation pleads on behalf of 17 hostages held by pirates. Multimillions demanded for 24 hostages, including Germans, Russians, Ukrainians and Filipinos.


UKRAINE TIMOSHENKO FOR PRESIDENT! Prime Minister runs against former ally Viktor Yushchenko.


PALAU SEVENTEEN UIGHERS HELD IN GITMO without valid charges are shipped to the island. $200 million political bribe sweetened the deal.


MEXICO DRUG DEATHS SPIKE, totaling more than 3,000 (17 daily) in first half of year, up 80% over first half of 2008. U.S. UPS THE ANTE with drug war by donating over two dozen armored trucks equipped with x-ray and gamma ray technology and other crime fighting tools. TWENTY STUFFED SHARK CARCASSES reveal stuffing to be a ton of cocaine, strategypage.com reports.


CUBA NO WAY, Castro regime says about return to Organization of American States.


RUSSIA CUT MORE NUKES, Russia says, but only if the post-Cold War 1991 START treaty is re-negotiated.


SOUTH AFRICA RAPE EPIDEMIC! Survey reveals that 28% of men surveyed admit to having committed at least one rape in the AIDS-ridden country.


BURMA SHOW TRIAL of dissenter San Suu Kyi, under house arrest for 13 of the last 19 years for planning movement for Democracy, is delayed as the Supreme Court hears arguments about witnesses. THOUSANDS OF KAREN FLEE as battles between rebels and Burmese military heat up.


THAILAND REFUGEES GET RAW DEAL as thousands of Burmese refugees are towed out to sea in disabled boats or returned to repressive regime.


SRI LANKA VICTORY CELEBRATION held to commemorate the defeat of the Tamil Tigers. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL CRASHES PARTY, complaining about the Sri Lankan actions, and demanding a UN investigation, which Sri Lanka rejects.


SAUDI ARABIA OILY ROYALTY–PAKISTANI CONNECTION—is oily royalty buying Pakistani nukes?