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UNITED STATES GPS BREAKDOWN POSSIBLE after 2010, says GAO in a report, citing delays in launches. The Air Force says the system won’t go down, and it is launching replacement satellites. CHENEY VS. OBAMA: Former vice president and current President  give dueling speeches on nationalsecurity issues, including Guantanamo Bay and enhanced interrogation techniques. PRISONER INDOCTRINATION is a critical issue in the debate of where to send Gitmo prisoners. Three of four terrorist suspects in the disrupted plot to bomb Bronx synagogues and fire missiles at American military aircraft converted to Islam in the slammer. “Radical Islam in prison. Radical Islamists have targeted prison populations for recruitment for years,” NY Post reports. In NY, the head Muslim chaplain for state prisons for 20 years considered the 9/11 hijackers to be martyrs. SHERIFF OF STARR COUNTY, TEXAS, CORRUPTED by lure of big bucks from Mexican drug gangs, sabotaged U.S. drug enforcement officials. DRUG LORDS added sheriff to a long list of busted law enforcement officials who had sold out.


GEORGIA COUP THWARTED! Tank battalion in Mukhrovani revolted in effort to topple pro-Western government and disrupt NATO exercises. Georgia accuses Russia of coordinating the plot.


RUSSIA ARMS CONTROL with the United States back on the agenda. ACT, DON’T TALK, Amnesty International says to Russia on human rights. S-400 ON DISPLAY in parade on Red Square.


CHINA US NAVAL SHIP COOLED CHICOM HOSTILITIES with fire hoses when Chicoms threatened U.S. Navy surveillance vessel in the Yellow Sea.


AUSTRALIA 12 SUBS, 100 FIGHTERS form backbone of planned Australian military buildup.


MEXICO 13 ARRESTED in raid targeting drug cartel. 53 DANGEROUS JAILBIRDS BREAK OUT, escorted by 20 armed commandos while prison guards, fearful of Zeta gangsters, stood by, AFP reported.


SOMALIA 113 CIVILIANS KILLED in clashes between Islamist militants and Somali government. PIRATES RELEASE TWO SHIPS – British ship released after ransom paid, Greek ship released the next day.


SOUTH AFRICA ZUMA ELECTED as President in ANC landslide, despite history of crime and corruption.


ZIMBABWE UNITY GOVERNMENT STRUGGLES despite $22 million in aid from the IMF. WAY TO GO, Mugabe tells North Korea with regard to the rogue regime’s “satellite launch.”


DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO PAY UP OR ELSE, former rebels say, claiming they have not been paid for two months. JOINT PEACEKEEPING PLAN for Kivu approved by UN despite controversy.


TURKEY WEDDING MASSACRE! Unknown assailants kill 45 in attack with assault rifles and grenades. Weapons allegedly belonged to the village guards, which were set up to protect people from PKK terrorism. Activists demand that the guards be disbanded, but will that mean the return of the PKK?


ISRAEL TERRORISTS ON FACEBOOK? Israelis claim social-networking site being used for recruitment of Israeli Arabs.


SRI LANKA GOOD RIDDANCE! Tamil Tigers utterly defeated as Sri Lankan Army finishes the thuggish terrorist group off and kills the movement’s founder. MARTYRDOM DECLARED—followers admit Tamil Tiger’s leader was killed.


PAKISTAN SWAT VALLEY OFFENSIVE launched against Taliban – At least 1,500,000 refugees flee. Afghan war overflows to Pakistan, threatening state security.


INDONESIA ISLAMIC PARTIES CREAMED in parliamentary elections. Oppressive religions laws turned supporters off in the impoverished country. RECAPTURED—ESCAPED JEMAAH ISLAMIYAH LEADER who had escaped prison.


TORONTO BOMB PLOT SUSPECTED, member of Toronto 18 convicted of planning to bomb stock exchange and other downtown buildings was given two years as first convict in terrorism war.

UNITED NATIONS WAKE UP UNITED STATES, High Commissioner warns, highlighting the loss of U.S. citizens’ rights post 9-11 by an overreaching executive branch that eroded those rights by feeding on post 9-11 paranoia. U.S. joined the Human Rights Council for the first time, joining China, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and other poster countries for rights abuses. COMMISSIONER CHALLENGES the U.S. to recapture its moral authority—“…MEMBERSHIP IS A RESPONSIBILITY…NOT REWARD FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR”.


PHILIPPINES FILIPINO SAILORS most often the victims of pirates, with over 80 held hostage.


NORTH KOREA NO TALKS with South Korea!! Kim Jong-Il’s regime quits six-party talks condemning missile test. SECOND UNDERGROUND NUCLEAR TEST reported.


COLOMBIA 11-YEAR-OLD BEHEADED. Child was mistaken for that of the rancher that families of the monster murderers worked for. BAGGED—FARC MONEY BAGS leader of violent FARC faction “Eastern Bloc” and a priority on the U.S. Justice Department’s terror list. FARC DEMANDS DMZ and swap of 22 hostages for imprisoned rebels.


INDIA MAOIST AMBUSH KILLS 16 policemen. Rebels murdered patrolmen with arms and landmines as the police cleared roadblock created by Maoists.


BOLIVIA MORALES ASSASSINATION PLOT OR AN ATTENTION GETTER? Over 20 officers detonate bomb in Las Americas Hotel, shoot three guests, including an Irishman and a Romanian suspected of plot to assassinate the not so brilliant leader.


UNITED KINGDOM ROYAL NAVY AND COAST GUARD VULNERABLE to a Mumbai-style attack from the sea. NAVAL DEFENSE INADEQUATE, conservatives warn government, demanding a review of naval defense, BBC reports. Royal Navy’s six warships, two patrol vessels and a support tanker protecting UK waters are backed by 120 police boats, five coastguard patrol boats and five UK Border Agency vessels.


VENEZUELA FISTFIGHT ON RUSSIAN CRUISER PETER THE GREAT HALTS ARMS DEAL? Submarine KILO purchase from Russia cancelled after Russian sailors and Hugo’s bodyguards duke it out on the port. The Russians forbade the bodyguards from boarding the flotilla so Chavez could embark, David Pugliese’s Defense watch reports. HAND IT OVER! Chavez sends troops to nationalize 60 companies.


VIETNAM SIX KILOS, PLEASE! Former commander of NVA forces in Vietnam War orders submarines to send message to the ChiComs to keep out. FLANKERS WITH THAT! Vietnam also orders 12 Su-30 MK2 fighters. Total bill: $2.4 billion AFP reports.


IRAQ AL-QAEDA RETURNS, BLACKWATER SECURITY exits in prep for U.S. troop withdrawal, warns U.S. defense officials.


AFGHANISTAN CIVILIAN CASUALTIES EXAGGERATED IN DIRTY WAR TACTICS, U.S. says. CIVILIANS FORCED TO STAY IN BATTLE ZONE, says General David Petraeus, Commander of Central Command, describing cowardly tactics of the Taliban.


NIGERIA KIDNAP, GET LIFE in a very nasty African-style pokey, military warns as it rescues 17 hostages, including 13 foreigners. HOSTILITIES ESCALATE between military and Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND rebels), dozens of civilians caught in cross fire as military destroys rebels’ camps. MEND blames military for civilian deaths.


CHAD SUDAN GOVERNMENT ACCUSED OF BACKING REBELS with air strikes after 22 Chadian soldiers and 225 rebels killed in vicious battle that shattered week-long peace. LIES, SUDAN RETORTS, it is Chad that began the offensive against Sudan “using mercenaries armed, trained, financed and directed by satellite by the N’Djamena regime,” channelstv reports.