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The following was sent by a SOF reader in response to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s letter to Al Sharpton about his plans to protest Arpaio’s enforcement of immigration laws in Maricopa County, Arizona.



Bob Ford



Good old Joe ... and a former DEA Special Agent. Great letter.



We thought so, too. – Ed.



A nice letter. I suppose that you and Sheriff Arpaio already know that none of it is about truth. It’s about agenda politics.




That goes without saying when it comes to Al Sharpton. Of course, the Justice Department is also apparently looking into the matter. – Ed.



Thanks for putting this out onto the air waves, and good for the sheriff and his people.




Sheriff Arpaio is fighting the good fight in Maricopa County. He certainly has good ideas on how to deal with the bad guys. – Ed.



It is distressing that this whole issue of US firearms being illegally transferred to Mexican drug gangs has been exaggerated so as to provide an excuse for the domestic gun-ban advocates to push their agenda. However, we must admit that there ARE FFL-holders in the US who are selling some number of “black guns” to “straw man” purchasers and some criminals who are smuggling these into Mexico. It is a tragedy that those guns fall into the hands of thugs when there are so many law-abiding citizens in America who would like to buy one. We need to clean house, to identify and shame those of us who are betraying our trust and making possible this excuse for anti-gun efforts. I call upon you to publicize and condemn those who can be definitely identified as being part of this problem, so that the rest of us can treat them with the contempt they deserve.


William Martin


How very true – there are a few bad apples out there, and they make life difficult for all of us who wish to protect our Second Amendment rights. There are federal laws that can handle these creeps that would obviate the need for new gun laws, though, and certainly, we can make people aware of it – and point out the dereliction on all sides involved in these guns going to Mexico. – Ed.



THE FOLLOWING PHOTO WAS IN THE ARTICLE IN THE JULY ISSUE, “This Little Pig Ate Too Much Lead” by Robert K. Brown. We are making the following correction for that photo.


The D-760 Night Weapon Sight is able to acquire targets at night, mounted on weapons up to and including the .50 cal. The weapon sight can be configured as a Gen 2 or Gen 3/3AG “Autogated” system. It is ideal for reconnaissance and surveillance, perimeter control, search and rescue, vehicle identification, wildlife observation, long range shooting, photo/video recording and monitoring and many other applications. Specifications: 6x magnification, 165mm f2.0 multi-coated, high-grade lens system. Features include automatic brightness control, dual-color, illuminated mil dot reticule and Weaver mount.


Dave Henry, USMC/Retired

Senior Account Representative,

Night Optics USA


Whoops, we goofed on that one. Thanks for setting us straight! – Ed.



Look, after Texas, Oklahoma, and Montana declared their “sovereignty,“ I think Barack Obama and his cronies are getting the message that “We the People” have had enough of the “bull shit!“


Look what just happened in this last California election! Ha, ha, these “A-holes” in Sacramento have had their socialist/communist agenda shot to hell. Was good to read the article on the “Hmong” by Paul Lo! I still wear the copper bracelet that Col. Fred Christo took off his wrist and gave me at the SOF Convention in September of ’93 and then in September of ‘94 when he stood up for me and I got invited for the “Chao Fa” induction ceremony. JD was standing next to me at the time and little did I know that 8 years later I’d find out that he and I are related! Just goes to show that it really is a “small world.”


Michael DiGiampaolo



Jerry Sullivan is a Vietnam veteran.


It was forty years ago today that Sully got his ass blown away while humping a ruck in the delta of the dirty Mekong. There was lots of stuff going on; we’d been at it some 4 days long, with the tac-air and the gunships and the arty all playing their song. It was not the way I wanted to go, it was over in a cloud of smoke... hell I didn’t have a chance to say so long to Hack’s Recondos. Now the younger ones are coming home, my heart bleeds right down to the bone, it’s a tradition that the “best and the brightest“ will never understand. But I remember when I was still young, those giants from Korea, World Wars Two and One, they were larger than life and taught their sons how to be an American man! TO OUR HEROES WHO HAVE GONE BEFORE US!!!


Jerry Sullivan



It is too damn bad that the majority of Americans don’t recognize veterans for the heroes that they are and the ultimate price some veterans paid for America’s freedoms. Alas, that is our cross to bear as we are the sheep dogs of this society and 99 percent of the rest are sheep.




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